sh*t millionaire yogis say: yes, that meme again (video)

Okay, I know the “shit people say” meme is so 2011, and that the “shit yogis say” contribution is old news.

This little production, posted on YouTube in April 2012, was so way after the wave had passed, nobody noticed it. But it’s actually pretty funny! The creators took the “shit people say” meme and repackaged it as a yoga trivia game show. Why not?

My favourite things about this video:
1) there’s somebody in drag
2) it’s all true! these are actual and real quotes from high-profile, world famous yoga teachers

The video was posted on a YouTube channel called “Kiki Says…” It’s the channel for Kiki Flynn, a “natural health and yoga expert” who’s been around for 30 years. She used to be Madonna’s private yoga teacher and she was recently called a “yoga guru” by US Weekly. Her other YouTube videos include tips on how to lift breasts naturally and how to reduce cellulite.

She’s 50 and super hot. Even though I find some of her approach highly problematic, I can’t help but think she’s awesome. I even forgive the distorted view of aging that she presents, mainly because she’s transparent about how she looks that way (yoga, duh! and eating healthy and dry brushing).