second yoga jeans: a review

Annick Robinson rocks the side plank for Charlie Sattva *yoga-a-porter (via

Yoga Jeans? I know, seriously. We all know that if you stick “yoga” on something, it will sell better.

But I can tell you that despite the ridiculous name, Second Yoga Jeans are awesome. Even if they were called something else, like just plain old “jeans,” they would still be amazing. Style blog Skattie called them “the perfect pair of jeans.” Charlie Sattva designated them “the most comfortable sexiest jeans in the world.” Which is a big claim, and I’m not sure if I agree. But they’re definitely super comfortable and trés sexy.

They also do wonders for my butt (which, as we all know, is the reason behind the popularity of yoga pants). It’s that perfect combination of brushed cotton (97%) and elastane (3%) which makes the jeans stretchy and curve hugging.

To be honest, I’ve never done yoga in my yoga jeans. Although, apparently, you can “do yoga” in these jeans, that’s what they’re designed for. But I have done a lot of other things in my yoga jeans: I’ve walked around Montréal, watched roller derby bouts, eaten big meals, and ridden my bike. They’re versatile, look hot in any situation and are great for both moving and lounging around. And sure, you could break into Natarajasana or a down dog at any point while you’re wearing these jeans, if you’re that kind of person.

Rather than being able to do asana in these jeans, I would say that what makes these jeans “yoga jeans” is their ethics: they’re made in Canada (right here in Montréal) in facilities with top working productions (although the fabric is manufactured by companies from around the world, with ethical working conditions assured).

The ethics of the fashion world is becoming an important issue. Author and broadcaster Lucy Siegle looks into the practices behind cheap clothing in her new book, To Die For. In a recent article on social enterprises and how to address overconsumption and garment industry waste, Aleece Germano declared: “The fashion industry is ripe for disruption.”

Since yoga’s foundation is based in ethics, it’s essential that yoga clothing companies are leaders in humane clothing production and help disrupt the industry. This includes producing apparel “locally” (whatever that means, wherever you are). While there are industry approved factories in Asia that pay employees a living wage and are accountable to standards, those clothes still travel a long long way to get into our hands. Have you ever thought about the carbon footprint of your yoga pants?

My yoga jeans traveled by courier from the south shore of Montréal, approximately 12 km.

While I love the products, some of the marketing of these jeans makes me gag: “Yoga is currently very popular in North America. Some 9 million people practice this discipline uniting body and mind. And they appreciate anything that contributes to balance and well-being,” notes Second designer Eric Wazana on the company’s website. “That’s why we’ve created these fabulous jeans that combine the height of flexibility and style.” That can be read: “There’s a market of 9 million people who would buy jeans they could do yoga in.”

The price tag, approx $110 (unless you get them at Jeans Jeans Jeans! in Montréal, where they’re $80) is a little steep, but by designer jean standards, that’s “reasonable.” And the quality is so good I’ve gotten many many wears out of these jeans. It’s worth it to buy clothing that is a little expensive because employees were paid a decent wage on North American soil, rather than cheaply produced in Asia under who knows what kind of conditions.

In shades of the lululemon manifesto, I found a piece of paper in the back pocket that told me Second Yoga Jeans “are filled with good energies, positive karma and were created to help you feel confident, beautiful, at peace.” I don’t quite feel that way when I wear them, but I do feel super comfortable and hot. And I’m confident that my butt looks good. Isn’t that all we really want from a pair of jeans?

  1. I can say the same things about Guido and Mary Jeans that I bought at Espace FB on St Laurent … Sexy! Comfortable! And I have done yoga in them and

  2. i still can’t believe i haven’t bought yoga jeans yet! their butt-lifting powers are great, it’s true. the only reason is because when i once went to try them on (at jeans jeans jeans!) they only had low rise and i want regular rise non-boot-cut – picky me – i’m inspired to go back now tho 🙂

  3. We at Boutique Rocco LOVE the Yoga Jeans. Customers come in just for them! The fit is perfect and they are ohhhh so comfortable!!! We are loving the Spectra Black for the Holidays!!!

  4. I was very skeptical about these jeans, but I have to say, they are my favorite pair of jeans (and no, I would never do yoga in them)! They fit great and look great. I bought them in a little boutique that’s a part of my old hair salon; I have never seen them anywhere else. I would buy a pair in blue, I have them in black. Love them!

  5. No doubt, Second Yoga Jeans are the most-comfortable skinny jeans ever. They feel like leggings! I, too, wear them as jeans and never actually do asana in them. I, too, appreciate their “made in Canada” appeal. But all top-quality jeans are made in the USA, Italy, etc, anyway.

    What we need are more top-quality yoga apparel NOT made in China and NOT made with nylon. I know we all need synthetics for summer months, but more and more I’m trying to avoid them. Nylon pants will never wear well and become vintage chic; they last for years but they are throwaway stuff in the end.

    I want good, smooth, thick cotton yoga pants, but they’re hard to find. Patagonia makes a decent line, and they wear well, with no pilling and minimal fading (and they become smoother over time). Good cottons have vintage potential, if you know what I mean.

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  6. so i tried on the jeans. i totally agree they emphasized my assets. but way too long. they bunched at the ankle. is that the style? or did i miss something, like different leg lengths? im not sure. they were 15% off on boxing day only, which was the day i tried them on, but i couldn’t decide on the spot and it was a final sale. my most relaxed shopping is in stores with flexible return policies, especially since becoming a mother (because i have no time to debate the merits of clothing in a shop while my baby is waiting). i hadn’t tried on jeans in two years and these didn’t make me feel “oh yeah, these are FOR SURE” which i think most clothing purchases should make me feel. so i bailed. since that day i have tried on several other jeans, and may end up gong back to the store for another try. xoxo

  7. I purchased a pair of Yoga jeans in Dubai which I love and wear everyday almost, and I’m now living in Sydney Australia, and cannot find them anywhere! Can you please advise stockists in Sydney or nearby? Thank you kindly, Chrissy :)cx