save goodyoga! innovative NYC yoga space at risk of extinction

Positive reinforcement: image from goodyoga's latest newsletter.

There is just one week left in goodyoga‘s Indiegogo campaign to purchase the unique and artsy loft building they currently rent in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighbourhood – and they’re still far from their $20,000 goal. The campaign closes on May 1.

“This really is do or die,” the goodyoga crew said in their latest email newsletter. “We may be out of this space as early as June! We either need to buy the building or relocate. Either way, WE NEED YOUR HELP!”

I’ve had the pleasure of staying and practicing in this beautiful “urban ashram,” so I have an admittedly personal interest in seeing goodyoga reach their goal and save their building. However, I know that not everybody has this personal experience. It can be easy for yogis who don’t live in the Greenpoint neighbourhood to think, “Why should I care? Why should I support this project?”

Here’s why you should care:

  • Community: our yoga communities extend beyond our immediate physical locations and personal experiences. Supporting this project is an expression of your belief in community.
  • Sustainable urban design: goodyoga plans to renovate the space as a completely energy efficient structure with more guest rooms, more studio spaces, a cafe and juice bar and more amenities, making the building an overall more ideal space for the community to gather and serve.
  • New yoga business models: The goodyoga space offers yoga classes, accommodation, holistic health care, teacher trainings, workshops and events. Yet, the goodyoga folks are aware of the challenges of running a for-profit yoga business. On their Facebook page, goodyoga claims, “We’re reorganizing as a benefit corporation. It’s important for businesses like ours to remain for profit in order to prove that responsibility and conscience can result in profit.” It’s not often that yoga businesses are so transparent about their business plans and practices.

Still not convinced? Check out goodyoga’s amazing incentives for supporters – and you don’t even need to be in NYC to appreciate some of them:

  • $15 gets you a week of unlimited classes at goodyoga. That’s less than the price of one NYC yoga class! Makes a perfect gift for friends or for yourself, for your next visit to the Big Apple.
  • $25 gets you a super cute “i do goodyoga” t-shirt!
  • $1,500 gets you a West Coast yoga retreat on Vargas Island, BC: “7 nights in your private cabin set on acres and acres of Provincial Park inhabited by Wolves, Whales and your Wildest Dreams. Includes food, lodging, 2 yoga classes and one workshop per day, a private yoga session and a Thai Massage.”

If you’re in NYC and need the incentive of a party to show your support, goodyoga is hosting a gala fundraiser on April 27, 9pm – 1am. $25 includes a drink, food and live music.

And finally, this charming video is proof of how this space has touched many people and why it’s a cornerstone of the community. Save goodyoga by making a contribution here!

  1. For-benefit corporations are an innovative wrinkle in socially conscious business. I have worked for one. They are usually mixed and have a strictly not-for-profit arm of their main organization.