IAYB in conversation: sandy blaine on the purpose of practice

IAYB in conversation: sandy blaine on the purpose of practice

There’s something cool and integral about the old school West Coast yoga teachers who have been practicing for decades and stay involved in the current yoga conversation. They offer valuable perspective and constantly champion for the integrity of yoga.

Oakland-based yoga teacher Sandy Blaine is one of these important voices. While she may not be a household name, she’s been teaching yoga for more than 20 years, regularly offers workshops around the country and has written two books on yoga, Yoga for Healthy Knees and Yoga for Computer Users (both published with IAYB sponsor, Rodmell Press).

We had a two-part conversation about the purpose of practice. As with any dynamic yoga practice, we covered lots of ground and many insights emerged. We discussed her yoga teaching career, which includes a longtime teaching practice at Pixar Animation Studios and implementing one of the pioneering corporate wellness programs, how the rise in technology has affected our physical and mental well-being, and the pros and cons of mainstreaming yoga.

I also got a chance to ask Sandy one of my burning questions: How did people discover yoga in the 80s? She graciously answers this question, and many others, in the video conversation below. Enjoy!

Photo: courtesy of Sandy Blaine

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