sadie nardini tribute video: creepy or awesome?

Screen grab from "I Always See This in You: Yoga Pose: Pincha" (via YouTube)

Screen grab from “I Always See This in You: Yoga Pose: Pincha” (via YouTube)

When a yoga teacher reaches a certain level of popularity and fame, they are subjected to many different forms of adoration. Sometimes this means thousands of Facebook fans, sometimes this means sponsorship offers, sometimes this means people bow at your feet.

And sometimes this means that somebody writes a song and sets it to an iMovie video of a photo of you in a yoga pose.

Case in point: the video below, which I discovered through a series of tweets directed at me by @ZendiYogi.

“Here come my guru and her new flow!”
“I mean Sadie Nardini, of course!”
“And to celebrate the arrival of my guru, I offer this:…

I tweeted back: “Is this ironic or sincere?” No response! Is it creepy or awesome? I can’t decide!

After further consideration, I’m pretty sure it’s sincere. And sincerely creepy. Sadie didn’t respond to my tweet, so we don’t know what she thinks.

  1. Hahahaha. No. Just… No.

  2. Creepy. Definitely creepy.

  3. I really hope this is ironic. What is this world coming to?
    It’s kind of like Warhol with the screen print color photonegative pop art of Monroe repeated 16 times on the canvas …

  4. tweeted at you among others. is perhaps Zendi’s masterpiece. his music isn’t to my taste but love the enthusiasm. Hope you get that press pass and can meet him on his holy ground.

  5. Hi all, & Roseanne! Sorry for the delay in responding to this–I’ve been on a whirlwind yoga tour and am just now getting back to everyone. And so it goes…

    This artist is a longtime student of mine. His art may not be for everyone, but I have always found him one of the most present, respectful and receptive practitioners. A yoga teacher’s dream, really. He shows up, he does his work. He questions himself, enters into discomfort, and transforms.

    For me as a teacher, that’s what matters most: profound studentship. the victory is not whether we all like his art or not…but that he was courageous enough to make it at all. We could all learn from his manifesting example.


  6. Sincerely creepy is my vote on this video

  7. It’s the voice. Creepy.

  8. Hi Roseanne, thanks for taking the time to think about my video. Yes, I am sincere. The work (all of it) represents me choosing to be an artist capturing moments in time, participating in history to the best of my ability integrating my sense of art and spirituality. Generally, I see myself as an artist like Keats or Wordsworth although my powers of verse cannot match theirs, and I recognize that. However, you live once and there is no point in defeating yourself before you begin. It is not my intention to frighten you or anyone by representing the intensity of my yoga practice, the expression of which finally is my art. I practice Sadie’s Core Strength Vinyasa which opened my heart, and I also practice Ashtanga Primary (daily) and Anusara. I began my practice almost four years ago. Sadie is my first teacher teaching me not only the poses, but also through her spiritual talks, teaching me how to seize the moment which is my existential life- -the choices. I’m trying to live mythically, but with integrity, and I am hoping through my art to share my experiences in the struggle. Think of it this way: Once the muse was a goddess, then Milton transformed it into the Holy Spirit in Paradise Lost, while I have seen the muse in an individual who has the integrity and the wisdom to inspire transformation my life. As art democratizes, the identity of the muse is transformed. Sadie understands art which is why she is not threatened by my artistic adoration which in the old days would have been directed at the muse- -like in the Psalms of Solomon where the art is directed towards Sophia. BTW, sorry I didn’t get back to your inquiry previously- -I didn’t understand what it was.