sadie nardini schools celeb gossip source TMZ on yoga, porta potties, etc

sadie nardini schools celeb gossip source TMZ on yoga, porta potties, etc

Last week, gossipy celebrity website TMZ broke the news that Demi Moore and daughter Rumer Willis were spotted at a “top secret yoga festival” in the New Mexico desert.

Apparently this news was so fascinating and unusual that TMZ needed a “an actual expert” to contextualize it for their audience. So they invited Sadie Nardini, “yoga guru” and host of ‘Rock Your Yoga,’ onto the July 12th edition of their daily online TV show, TMZ Live, to explain yoga, tantric meditation and why there are so many porta potties at a top secret yoga event.

Whatever one might think of Nardini and her crass attempts to sell yoga, you gotta admit that she has a gift for presenting yoga in a clear, approachable manner. She does a good job of explaining White Tantra Meditation and why Demi Moore might feel the need to don white clothes and dance around in the desert.

“Some people need extreme experiences to help them get past disfunctional and abusive behaviour,” she tells the TMZ hosts, who nod in understanding.

Watch Sadie Nardini’s slightly pixelated appearance on TMZ Live below at the 32:00 minute mark – and catch up on the latest Kanye West news and the Sharknado phenomenon! (If you have problems with the embedded player below, click here to watch the clip on

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us, Roseanne.

    Like you, I don’t like all her weight-loss marketing campaigns either, but I do know she’s one of the nicest, most sincere and articulate people I know in the yoga world, and she writes some of the best articles, too.

    Bob W.

    • Oh, come on, Bob, just give her about 10 years. She will grow out of this “phase” of being the weight-loss-guru yogini (rockstar, I’m not sure about .. though it could morph into Earthmother rocker concomitantly) …She will revert to form …

      The “fitness world” which she has unwittingly decided to represent, does not age its stars well … not as well as the unadulterated yoga world …

  2. Hi Rosanne, and Bob 🙂

    TMZ contacted me while in the car on my way up to the Nantucket yoga festival. So random! I don’t have any idea how they found me.

    I said yes, because I really wanted to strive and explain yoga as clearly as I could to the masses. I thought this would be a good chance to do that. I was nervous in the beginning to appear on such a program, but I figured if I could say it with sass and integrity the yoga world would understand, and people may even learn a thing or two.

    It is always my first goal for the type of service I was born to offer, to bring people who might not otherwise do yoga to this beautiful multilayered full body, mind and spirit practice.

    I am beyond happy when the lure of weight loss or fitness for detox or Demi Moore or anything else brings people in the door, so that they may deepen this lifelong practice forever and be surprised by its additional benefits, which they usually become more attracted to as they progress in their practice, as I did.

    Make no mistake, everything I do moves unerringly toward this conscious goal.

    Thank you for your article, I thought it was very fair and compassionate.


    • you’re welcome, sadie! i could see how talking about yoga on TMZ would be a weird experience, but you handled it well. just give ’em a little sass and have fun with it!