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sacred-justiceThe “yoga tour” has become a thing in recent years, spearheaded by big name yoga superstars (John Friend, for example, sold rock concert style T-shirts at workshops, complete with a list of cities and tour dates) and the yoga festival circuit.

Andi MacDonald and Kandace Dragonfly, two yoga teachers and activists from Vancouver, BC, are taking their Sacred Justice workshop on a cross-country tour, and subverting the yoga tour model. By holding their event in intimate community-driven yoga spaces, traveling by Greyhound bus and sleeping on couches, MacDonald and dragonfly are taking their work to Toronto, Kitchener (Ontario), and Montreal (Quebec).

About Sacred Justice:

This workshop will illuminate the connections between solidarity work and yoga. With meditation, asana and group discussion we’ll explore dynamics of power and privilege and how these affect the ways we relate to each other and build community. So often we hear the phrase, “we’re all one”, but what does this really mean? How can we come to a grounded understanding of interconnection without glossing over the real differences in our lived experiences and political realities? Perhaps we can use the concepts of community support and solidarity as tools to acknowledge the fundamental sense of union that our yoga practice teaches us to explore and honour. All levels of experience with yoga and social justice activism are welcome.


Toronto (Mississauga of New Credit, Huron, and Haudenosaunee territories) at Kula Annex
July 14, 12:00 to 5:00 pm
details here:

Kitchener at Queen Street Yoga
July 20, 1:00 to 4:30 pm
details here:

In Montreal (Kanienkehaka/Mohawk territory) at Ambaa Yoga
August 3, 2:00 to 6:00 pm
details here:

Kula Annex in Toronto will also be hosting a conversation, Examining Power & Privilege in Yoga, on Friday, July 12 which looks completely amazing.

About the facilitators:

Andi has been practicing yoga for 7 years and brings a passion for social justice and community building to her teaching. She is a co-creator and founder of Community Yoga Vancouver. She strives to make her classes challenging, accessible, authentic and empowering. All her classes utilize a consent based-approach and encourage students to discover genuine embodiment by honouring their desires, needs and boundaries. She received her 200 hour teaching certification from Mount Madonna in 2011 and has received additional training in yin yoga and trauma sensitive yoga. She is a former student of UBC’s Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice. At the moment she is studying herbalism and learning skills to practice plant spirit medicine. Her writing about yoga and social justice has been published on Elephant Journal, Tikkun Daily, Decolonizing Yoga and in UBC’s Ignite Journal. You can read her pieces and see her updated teaching schedule on her website

Kandace Dragonfly is a co-creator of Community Yoga Vancouver, they got their start in the yoga world whilst living on the streets of Toronto over a decade ago. Kandace sees yoga as good medicine and received their 200 hour certification from the Salt Spring Center of Yoga in 2012. They have also taken training in Yoga for Street Youth, Mental Health & Addictions, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and Yin. They are committed to creating and holding space for the peoples, sizes and identities most often ignored in main stream (western) yoga communities. Kandace has been involved in social justice movements since about 2006. They have spent time organizing for various struggles incl. g8/20 in ON and the Enbridge Pipeline in BC. Kandace brings to the table a sparkle of authenticity and blunt (yet gentle) honesty. They are an intuitive soul who mindfully treads on the hearts and minds of the students they encounter. You can find some of Kandace’s writing on their blog at

  1. Hi, Roseanne.

    This sounds like an important new movement. And of course, it makes perfect sense that it would kick off in Toronto, with the wonderful service oriented community there that you and I visited a couple of years ago for the Yoga Festival Toronto. I hope it takes hold and spreads to many other cities.


  2. Hi – love the yin training – with proper support, it can be very good for creating space around cravings for addicts and/or space in the minds of trauma sufferers.

    I’d love to hear what the yoga aspect entails – hopefully there is good preparation for the body, mind, and breath before entering the spirit of community action – so that the discussions embody peace.

    Thanks for the update.

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