russell brand on yoga, infinite consciousness, reality, god, love, the media, & power

russell brand on yoga, infinite consciousness, reality, god, love, the media, & power

Comedian and actor Russell Brand suddenly became the voice of the revolution last month with this BBC news interview and an esteemed position as “guest editor” of the revolution-themed issue of British lefty political magazine, New Statesman.

But it turns out his revolutionary ideas are informed by his yoga and meditation practice, and that he’s been spouting these ideas to the media for a while now. YouTube user and professional freerunner Timothy Shieff made a mashup of Brand’s key quotes, taken from a whole bunch of mainstream media interviews.

Brand, in his typical quick-talking, highly persuasive manner, riffs on transcendental meditation, how the media talks about twerking rather than fracking, his daily access to unseen realms of power, individualism, the need for new systems that recognize reality, protecting the planet, our infinite capacity for a blissful connection to all things, as well as union, love and compassion.

“One of the great sadnesses of modern life, because of our disenfranchisement and disillusionment with religion, is that we don’t have access to these ideas. Yoga and meditation, for me, is a way of, in this secular world, accessing very very beautiful principles that would perhaps make us happier, at a time when people feel disillusioned with the economy, concerned about the ecology, worried with politicians, and don’t trust what they’re being told on television.” ~ Russell Brand

It’s actually pretty powerful and inspiring. Maybe Brand is the new messiah?


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