recovery 2.0: free online conference goes “beyond addiction”


If you’re interested in exploring cutting-edge spiritual, medical and practical approaches to treating and overcoming addictions of all kinds, be sure to check out Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction, March 17 – 21, 2013. The online conference will showcase the varied perspectives and wisdom of 35 thought-leaders in the field of addiction recovery and personal transformation, including Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Bruce Lewis and Christopher Kennedy Lawford.

Hosted and produced by Tommy Rosen, an addiction expert and yoga instructor, the conference has a strong yoga contingent, featuring Sat Dharam Kaur, Chelsea Roff, Nikki Myers, Ashley Turner and others. With a keynote presentation by Richard Branson and conversations with pop-psychology darlings Mastin Kipp and Gabrielle Bernstein, the online event seems to be striving for mass appeal as well.

The virtual conference aims “to gather the best information and teachers in the world to educate and inspire.”  Addressing the big five addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, sex and money), guests will tape into contemporary perspectives on 12-step recovery, emotional eating and body image, relationships, and historical and global trends in addiction and recovery.

Interviews and conversations will stream from March 17 to 21, and the content of the conference (video interviews, MP3s and PDF transcripts) will be available afterwards for a premium price.

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