reactor: a michael stone/ian mackenzie short film project

Michael Stone has teamed up with filmmaker and media activist Ian Mackenzie to make Reactor, a short film about those affected by the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in post-tsunami Japan. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds so they can go to Japan and learn how the Japanese are responding to the melting Fukushima nuclear power plant. They’re asking: How are the old Zen traditions and cities of beautiful temples responding? How are the young rethinking the stories of their lives? How can we embody the Boddhisattva vow in this time?

This is how they describe the core of the project:

When The Tsunami hit the coast of Japan last year, the devastation was tragic. The failing nuclear power plant, in a country totally reliant on nuclear, is a crystal ball for all of us who rely on nuclear to power our modern lifestyles.

One of the core teachings of the Buddha is that our lives are dominated by stories. Sometimes they help but habitual stories tend to cause us suffering. Stories are a kind of addiction.

Our culture is addicted to a way of life that is not sustainable. Personal stories need to change. Anyone involved in contemplative practice knows this. But cultural stories must change too.

The meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is showing us that we need to find a way to change what we think of as a meaningful lifestyle because our biosphere can’t handle it. The promise of safe nuclear to power our lives is turning out to be a failure.

In just under a week, they’re almost halfway there. But you can still contribute! Visit their Indiegogo page and offer what you can. All contributions will go to covering the expenses of their week-long journey in Japan.