rainbeau mars invites wedding guests to do 3-week cleanse, gets mocked all over internet


The official flyer for Rainbeau Mars’ pre-wedding cleanse (via Facebook)

Oh, the dark side of self-promotion.

When yoga teacher and friend of IAYB Rainbeau Mars asked her publicist to contact the Huffington Post to inform them that Mars requested guests do a three-week cleanse leading up to her July 2 marriage to Hollywood business manager Michael Karlin, she probably didn’t expect an internet backlash. But that’s exactly what happened.

In just a few days, the article received over 800 comments, most of them calling her “controlling,” “arrogant” and a Bridezilla. More than a few commenters made fun of her name. Cosmopolitan, The Frisky and the Daily Mail also picked up on the story, reporting it with a similar derisive tone.

In classic Rainbeau Mars style, she came to her own defense in the comments section, telling HuffPo readers, “The invitation was not a demand or a requirement and I am sorry if any of you were offended because of this thought. However… your giving me a great idea… what if I really had made it a requirement…that will have to be the next one. JOKING! 🙂 Hope you’ll all give our fall cleanse a try. I think we could all use a little more love and support around here.”

IAYB, for once, isn’t going to join in the ridicule and instead wishes Rainbeau a beautiful marriage. It’s YOUR Big Day, girlfriend, so do whatever you want! The internet is full of haters, and hopefully your previous experience with IAYB commenters helped thicken your skin a little.

PS, in the unlikely event that IAYB should ever get married, I’m going to INSIST that my wedding guests participate in a bacon + red wine cleanse. No excuses, I want everyone to show up feeling puffy and ready to rock.

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  1. Not to come off as hipper-to-the-latest-yoga-trends-than-thou, but I’ve been on a bacon and red wine cleanse for years…

    • you’re always a couple of steps ahead, dr jay. the bacon+red wine cleanse is the only way to go.