rainbeau mars admits to being “clueless & confused by this yoga world”

A few weeks ago, I posted about an amusing email I’d received from a “yoga publicist” inviting me to celebrate National Yoga Month with Sadie Nardini and Rainbeau Mars. It was a benign little post, in which I referenced previous interactions with both teachers and pointed out the irony of how, of all the yoga teachers in the world, this publicist managed to single out the two that have a history with IAYB (there are others, of course, but these two are particularly notorious).

I had a giggle about it, the commentors had a giggle, and then we all carried on with our lives. It was one of those harmless “if-there-is-a-god-she-must-have-a-sense-of-humour” kind of moments.

Well, yesterday Rainbeau Mars got wind of the conversation and she seems to have taken it personally. She felt the need to comment and clarify things.

Her first comment (copied directly from her comments, grammatical and spelling errors intact):

I hope your having the very best day ever and that together we grow to allow all thoughts, deeds and actions to come from our virtues or love, compassion, intelligence, diligence, charity and other godly expressions rather then all the other distractions. Blessings. Rainbeau

Thanks, Rainbeau! And within three minutes, she commented again, in response to my comment about the intention of the post:

I feel the practice is always beautiful… and I was always first and foremost and actress doing my job and responding to what requests were made of me and tuning in to how I could share from an authentic place. What I respond to though and I love most is the millions of testimonial comments we receive of positively supporting and effecting others. We are more then happy to send you a download for your viewing, so you might understand and not be so bitter and angry at me that has done nothing to you.

Thanks for the offer, Rainbeau! I’m not sure what download you’ve offered to send me, but I’m sure that you’re doing a great job as an actress. And don’t worry, nobody’s bitter or angry at you!

Finally, Rainbeau left this comment in response to some lighthearted banter about satirizing the yoga industry:

Thats why I am moving on and just sending all you yogis love. I am doing now what I was to meant to do… Make movies and television. I hope you’ll watch them.  “As if… off the shoulders to all them haters…” Did I just make fun of myself… YUP… eat your heart… all you.. MEAN YOGIS…. have you ever hear of if you can’t say something nice… to just not say it… AHIMSA – NON HARM… Isn’t that one of the eight limbs.. I could never be a yoga teacher… as I am left clueless and confused about this yoga world. a yogini for life though.. Dear God… give us some insight into truth and real love.

Thanks for the love, Rainbeau! I’m sorry if you misunderstood the intention of the original post, which wasn’t about you, but rather the crazy world of yoga publicity. I’m sorry if you took it personally. I have to admit that the yoga world also leaves me a bit clueless and confused at times. That’s why I feel the need to point out its absurdities. Best of luck with your movies and television!

  1. hehehe “mean yogis” I hate mean yogis too. But who is rainbeau mars anyway….never heard of her.

  2. Just unsubscribed. There really has been too much meanness at this site lately. Back to my mat!

  3. I really don’t want to eat my heart!

  4. Incoherent much?

    “I could never be a yoga teacher… as I am left clueless and confused about this yoga world.”

    Uh, then what the hell is she doing making yoga dvds?

    Now I’m confused! 🙂

  5. Them R sum majer grammatikal errers!
    From a Meani Yogini

  6. Is this the first we hear of yoga flashes-in-the-pan moving on to what they’re really suited for: show biz?

    Sort of this exodus of yoga stars?

    Particularly, if — unlike Rainbeau, who has some depth — they are one-trick ponies … ?

  7. I am left a bit confused about what Ms. Mars was talking about. Is it just me? Could someone please clear up my confusion? Spelling and grammar aside, it seems fairly incoherent.

  8. I, too, have unsubscribed and removed this blog from my Twitterfeed. Not worth reading anymore. Feels a bit like Junior High. Best of luck to you.

  9. My fiance warned me from ever responding to these kind of blogs, that its like a feeding frenzy and would probably not help. Just to follow up with where you spun what I shared though…I never knew that spelling and grammar make a great person, but I will refrain from responding again as i do not claim that writing english is one of my strengths, especially when responding to personal attacks. My apologies to any of you that expected more out of me and that I wasn’t clearer in my communication. I hope that the yoga is working for all of us and that at some point we start being NICE, compassionate, empathetic and loving. These are all qualities that real yoga and self analysis eventually offer. If its not, we should greatly wonder what we are truly practicing. Roseanne, I offered you a download of Yoga For Beauty, which is a program of bringing light to the dark from the inside out and the inside out, with affirmation, breath, thought and movement. I actually think you might like it…I do…then again… who am I, but a simple person, following my passion and working when asked to do so. As to why I share yoga? Because I love it and I have been asked to do it, time and time again and out of love for people and the practice, do it to share what I love. Its interesting how you cut and paste, rather then using additions just like everyone else. I have been acting since I was eight and was asked to do videos and after continuous requests…such as adidas… I accepted. I am really glad that I did though as there are lots and lots of people who love my work and like what I share…all over the world. I hope thats okay with you. I am not sure if you’ve ever practiced to anything I have created, or read anything that I have written, other then quickly on blogs, but.. either way… Forgive me for any pain I have ever caused you, I forgive you for any pain you have caused me. Lets forgive each other and love each other. Lets love ourselves and love each other… and SERVE THE PLANET AS BEST AS WE CAN… In the name of all things Virtuous. Blessings. Rainbeau

    • hey rainbeau ~ thanks for stopping by. this post is admittedly a low blow. however, by having an emotional outburst in the comments section on this blog (the original post wasn’t an attack on you, but rather a fun jab at clueless publicists), you opened yourself up to it. you took something that wasn’t about you and made it about yourself – this post is amplifying that.

      i’ve seen (and practiced) enough of your videos online to know that i don’t resonate with your teaching style or approach. thanks for the download offer for Yoga for Beauty. my practice isn’t concerned with becoming beautiful (whether that means inner or outer beauty) or nice, but with cultivating honesty and strength.

      i’m not asking for forgiveness, nor do i feel any need to forgive you for anything.

      • Such thoughtlessness.. You are sent an ad, and are such a star the publicist should have known who they were dealing with. Are you really that important? You say snark and low-blows cultivate honesty and strength, and that she deserved it with her ditzy ways offering you a tender fruit dangled too low to pass up. You say that she deserves it, when you just want some foil to be a caddy gossip about. You reenforce her other worldly celebrity by using words to inhibit her from sharing herself, or have an opinion. To you, honesty means expressing your cruelty, and strength holding on to your cruelty. You don’t do yoga for beauty because you have abandoned life contentment and peace in favor of some relentless search for some ungraspable Truth. Yours is a path of sorrow, but with small amount of self-reflection, you can turn to joy. It’s ok.

      • Wow. Rainbeau reached out to you trying to seek peace, and you just kept right on being a belligerent b*tch. And you’re claiming to be the “authentic” yogi here?

        “This blog is part of how I earn my living, live my values, and contribute to my community and society.” Here’s hoping it’s a really small part….

      • Hello i am a fan of rainbeau mars, and im telling you from the dark side she helps me out to bring the best in me she is one of them, and i practice her yoga and it does really great on me. How can you hate someone who is giving sharing her yoga without anything in return. And this is how you will talk to her. You should be thankful there is a person sharing their talents. Or make you heal your body and mind. Can’t believe people are still so mean. Some. Not all. Im so disspointed how you act to her that way.

    • I have been practicing yoga on and off for 15 years. Im not an expert by any means. I think its important to remember that yoga is a practice…that all poses, principles and processes of yoga take practice.

      I own all of Rainbeaus dvd’s. I also own other well-known yoga teachers dvds. I have found that there are days when RM’s style resonates and days when I look to someone elses teaching style for inspiration or…simply do my own thing on the mat.

      As human beings, we all respond to things the best way we can at the time. Sometimes we get the chance to edit and sometimes we dont. At least we get the chance to learn about ourselves in the process and that is what I see happening here. We all get defensive…all of us. We all compare ourselves to others and compete with others. That is what we were taught. That is how our culture is. That is why the practice of yoga is so important.

      Yoga truly is a transformational process. Who are we to say who what when where why or how that transformation should or should not take place?
      I have to hand it to Rainbeau. She put herself out there. Personally i was happy to see a few flaws in her posts. It reminds me that she too is only human.

  10. sigh…

  11. The tone of this post makes me uncomfortable.

    I understand that the previous posts discussing Rainbeau and Sadie have had purposes- critically unpacking the ramifications of their style and particularly yoga theory in the posts to create discussion. The drama happened in the comments, but then the actual posts had a point.

    This post is simply making fun of Rainbeau. Not her style of yoga, not how her brand is marketed. Honestly, it doesn’t sit well with me, Roseanne.

    • thanks for the feedback, eco. as i said to rainbeau above, i agree that it’s a bit of a low blow. however, when a person becomes a personal brand, the lines between the person and their work are blurred. does that justify or excuse making fun of her? not sure, but i couldn’t help myself.

      • The branding mechanism is insidious. Did you ever think some esteemed old yogis who have been around for a long time, and who are very spiritual, would never become a brand?

        The followers of said yogis are who have made them a brand, who enforced their copyrighting (and their copy, for that matter), and who helped publicize them.

        These followers helped them get their brand on tee-shirts and in the news; on video billboards and on the sides of buses …

        So, thank you for helping to justifying to me why I never really rode this merry-go-round of practicing “branded” yoga … calling it a “lineage” (I read that as: “pedigree”) is the first step and does not sidestep their becoming the purveyors of a brand …

        Please keep the conversation going …

  12. Rainbeau, if you really want to get into acting and television, you’re going to have to grow a thicker skin, that’s part of being a public figure. The comments here pale in comparison to the kinds of comments you’re going to receive at sites like Celebitchy, GoFugYourself and Jezebel. Good luck!

  13. My biggest problem with this whole exchange is the fact that someone who is considered a yoga teacher enough to have made DVDs calls ahimsa one of the eight limbs of yoga. Last time I checked, it is one of five yamas. The yamas are one of the eight limbs (the first one according to Patanjali) but ahimsa by itself – no.

    Maybe that is being too picky but, personally, I wonder about a teacher who isn’t 100% clear about such a basic thing.

    • Semantics: Words: Opinions: Each time an ego is born… a virtue is born… and that is what she get to all focus on… Right now. We are all sinking together in a way on this little sphere of a planet. We are all connected. The judging of others simply wounds ourselves. In gratitude and compassion.. i am wishing you all a peaceful and perfection’s but heart filled 2016. XO

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