r.i.p. the magazine of yoga: a voice of reason in yoga media

The Magazine of Yoga's final feature wallpaper download. All graphics: ©The Magazine of Yoga, Photo: DaGoaty, cc.

The online yoga community has lost a voice of reason and integrity. It appears that The Magazine of Yoga, a daily edition “focused on yoga as a practice of effectiveness in this world and this life,” has closed shop. The reasons behind this closure are unknown, but there hasn’t been a post since December 31, 2011 and contributors were notified of the end of the publication via email. The Facebook fanpage has vanished and the Twitter account, while still live, isn’t active. As an email subscriber, I only happened to notice this week that I wasn’t receiving the daily email and when I went to the website to see what was happening, I saw no fresh material on the homepage.

It seems that TMOY has slipped away as quietly and mysteriously as it arrived. While it didn’t capture the attention of the yoga blogging community until mid-2010, a glance at the archives indicates that it had been publishing since 2008 – sporadically at first, then finding a consistent editorial rhythm towards the end of the year. Editor Susan Maier-Mohl was the main voice behind the website for the first year and then she started including other writers.

The content was well-written and intelligent, with a daily posts and regularly scheduled articles from contributors. It appeared to be a full-time project for Susan, although how the magazine sustained itself financially was unclear. My understanding is that contributors were unpaid.

TMOY’s tone was smart, refined and a little aloof – there were no comments (which the online yoga community thrives on) and the content generally avoided the yoga drama du jour, yet managed to be current and relevant. It also provided a larger audience for great yoga bloggers like Anna Guest-Jelly (founder of Curvy Yoga), Tali Koziol (of Cupcake Mafia), Jessica Lesley and Barbara Denowh.

I loved the recipes and profiles of (non-yoga) writers, but in my opinion, the best features of TMOY were the book reviews and interviews. The magazine shone brightest when connecting the dots between contemporary culture, aesthetics and yoga practice, such as in this review of Cognitive Surplus. And the interviews ~ Jill Miller, Mark Singleton, David Gordon White, Linda-Sama Karl, Ruth Farmer, and many more. They’re long, deep, insightful, surprising.

Lucky for us, TMOY has archived all of its content on the homepage, leaving a timeless reminder that real life is, indeed, real yoga.

  1. I’m very sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed Magazine of Yoga and the unique voice it brought to the Yoga world. I hope and assume that we will see the writers showing up elsewhere. (And of course, many of them have their own blogs already.)

    Thanks to Susan for running a very special publication.

    Bob W.
    Editor, Elephant Journal

  2. Why don’t you resurrect it Roseanne? Seriously! With you experience with Ascent and all….just the name is worth it’s weight in yoga.

    • haha, um… they probably need money, rather than another editor. but i’m very flattered that you would even suggest this idea!

    • I agree with YogaDawg. Great idea. You always wanted more guest writers on your blog anyway, didn’t you? Just bring them all over. We’ll help publicize it if you do.

      (But I agree, it’s a lot of work.)


  3. their website and email response says “suspended” –

    but either way, gone for a bit, or for good, i sorely miss them

    they were, i agree, the voice of reason, diversity, and enjoyment


  4. Thanks for the mention, Roseanne. TMOY was an amazing resource and Susan was a great support to me personally. Sad face.

  5. I have been searching all over for what happened, thanks for the post, I hope all is well with Susan, et al….I miss this with my morning coffee.

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