public displays of yoga: just don’t do it

Busted! PDY at the office.

We’ve all witnessed it. Maybe we’re even guilty of it. Public Displays of Yoga (PDY): it’s a thing. And, depending on what circles you swim in, possibly a problem. pokes fun at yoga exhibitionism and kicks off their “National Yoga Week” campaign with a clever video encouraging people to say no to PDY and just get to class already. Or buy a class pass – this is, after all, “TeamBuy.”

There’s no information about exactly when “National Yoga Week” happens or what it entails (other than buying stuff…?). I’m assuming it’s sometime around now, as the video was posted on May 17.

I’d also like to start my own viral video campaign called “Say NO to National Yoga Week/Month/Year/etc.” I can’t even keep track of them anymore, but it seems like at least six different months of the year have been designated “National Yoga Month” by some well-meaning group. This “National Yoga Week,” however, may just be the most blatantly commercial of the lot.

  1. Speak it, Baby! It IS all yoga and the National Buy Yoga Stuff week/month/day should go by the way of all other “Just say No” campaigns. #poseinpublic! Take back your practice!

  2. LOL – I will totally support the #poseinpublic campaign! I’m all for yoga anytime, anywhere!

  3. hahaha that was a great video!

  4. hahahah the video is brilliant, I wish there were more advertisers who still promote videos this good.
    Anyway I am guilty of PDY (the ducks love to watch me). I can’t afford classes here (no TeamBuy to offer discounts on either the classes or the transportation to get to them) and my house is so spacious not even a chihuahua could lay down the mat. I like the feeling of being in touch with nature and walking barefoot on the grass to get to a hidden space, but it’s not something I want to try in winter or even with many people around me. Not if the people are not doing the same thing, I would feel observed and it’s not the right mindset for practice.

    • thanks for sharing! yes, doing yoga in nature is awesome – and free! i love the idea of getting creative and economical with your practice.