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The media loves IAYB!

Bloggers love IAYB!

“It’s All Yoga, Baby has always been on the forefront of yoga’s goings on, especially when it comes to supporting feminism or pointing out flaws in the presentation of yoga in the media.”

“It’s All Yoga, Baby is a veritable think tank on the popularity of yoga and its cultural implications. We always read it for a smart take on the intersection of yoga and popular culture.”
Well+Good NYC

“It’s All Yoga, Baby has exactly what a good yoga blog should have: relevant content that makes you think, silly stories, photos, product reviews, interviews and everything else in between that carries weight in the yoga world. That being said, it’s far from typical. Something that sets this blog apart from others is it’s unapologetic defense of women-hood and equality for all.”
Yoga Travel Tree

“This was the year of the yoga blogger with their relentless flailing amidst the shout-downs of increasing corporate branding and degradation of ‘true yoga’.”
YogaDawg, on his In/Out list of 2010 (IAYB was one of the “in” yoga blogs)

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