practice: body scan & deep relaxation with jeanne dillion

Jeanne Dillion guides us through a 20-minute body scan and breath sensing audio practice, perfect for relieving the stress and pressure of the holiday season. Lay down, make yourself comfortable and let Jeanne’s voice take you into the deeper layers of your being.

This practice is informed by iRest yoga nidra, a “profound, yet accessible, meditation practice that systematically combines deep relaxation, affirmation, breathing, visualization and self-inquiry to facilitate the integration of body, mind, and spirit.”

Jeanne Dillion, (E-RYT 500), is a Yoga Therapist and the Director of Yoga for Wellness, LLC. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher through the Integrative Yoga Therapy program and a Certified iRest® Teacher through the Integrative Restoration Institute, and a faculty member for Shanti Yoga as a teacher trainer. In her personal practice and when teaching, Jeanne delights in following the disciplines of T.K.V. Desikachar, the son and primary student of Krishnamacharya, a prominent yogi who helped bring a resurgence of hatha yoga in recent decades, and Richard Miller, Ph.D., founder and Director of the Integrative Restoration Institute. The teachings of both yoga masters have generated profound transformation and well-being in her life. Jeanne is currently continuing study of the non-dual teachings with her two primary teachers: Joan Ruvinsky of Pathless Yoga and Richard Miller. Additionally, Jeanne is registered with the Yoga Alliance with an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 500-hour level of distinction and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

This practice is available on Extra Gentle Yoga with Jeanne Dillion (2002).

Jeanne Dillion is an IAYB sponsor and this post is part of her sponsorship agreement. 


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