podcast: tara stiles & william j. broad at NYC apple store

William J. Broad rocks the mic, while Tara Stiles & moderator Jason Wachob look amused (image via Tara Stiles' Facebook fanpage)

Regular readers and IAYB Facebook fans will know that I was obsessed with last week’s NYC Apple store appearance by Tara Stiles and William J. Broad. What a dynamic, yet dissonant, duo! It appears the only thing they have in common is that they’ve both recently released books about yoga (Stiles’ latest book, Yoga Cures, was launched April 1, and we all know WJB’s infamous and bestselling book, The Science of Yoga).

I really wanted to be there, and I was hoping some NYC blogger would go and report back, but alas. Luckily, those smart brains at Apple released a podcast of the event, available for free on iTunes.

Now, I have to admit that I was hoping for a little get in the ring style action here. But hey, it’s yoga, it’s a book launch, it’s a computer store – of course everyone’s going to be all civil and nice. And that’s okay. Not surprisingly, Tara and WJB have a good rapport and they’re both entertaining speakers. The conversation touched on content from their books, sex (of course) and the future of yoga, and they fielded a few challenging questions from the audience.

I pulled a little excerpt below, in which they talk about prevention and mindfulness (and WJB cracks a couple of jokes). To listen to the full conversation, download the podcast from iTunes.