playboy yoga: the end of the world as we know it


Well, people. I think we can declare yoga officially dead. Mix a little brand power with some western hypersexualization and what do you end up with? Playboy yoga, bitches! I think yoga in the western world has imploded. There’s nowhere left to go. This is the pinnacle, and the lowest of the low. We can just say, “It was nice while it lasted, yoga. T & A.”

You know “The Day the Music Died,” February 3, 1959, when Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper were killed in a plane crash in the American Midwest? That’s kind of how this feels to me.

Overall, it was a crazy day in the yogasphere. There must have been some kind of badass retrograde action happening: Bikram Choudry turned down Madonna‘s request for private classes; and while less sensational than all this, some yoga download website offered a Star Wars yoga class (thus proving my cosmic reason theory for all this).

[Hot Playboy Yoga tip via elephant journal and YogaDork. Thanks, masters of the interwebs!]

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  1. Roseanne, despair not! We knew it was only a matter of time, right? I mean, some of the yoga clothing ads out there are so suggestive and borderline soft porn that my boyfriend can’t even tell the difference between his Maxim magazine and my Yoga Journal.

    Yoga is not what other people do or don’t do, it’s how we live our lives, really, right?

  2. Haha! I always crack up when fame-seekers go on about ego. What a joke!

  3. sigh. that’s all i can say.

  4. It’s official…I’m finding a cave in which to move my practice 🙂

    Or maybe I should give in to the ways of the west and start training to teach some naked PB yoga here in my small mid-western town. I’m sure that would go over real well. HA!

    It’s getting so ridiculous, this whole exploit the “new” hot trend of yoga, that I just have to laugh at the absurdity of it all.

    And on that note, I’m headed to my studio to share a practice with a room full of lovely, dedicated seniors.

  5. You know, of course, Roseanne, you only encourage Playboy when you write about it and link to the Playboy Yoga site. If everybody ignored it maybe it would go away.

    I think you’re just shamelessly going for high traffic and the big bucks by blogging about this on your site.

    Bob Weisenberg

    • Bring on the big bucks!

    • What’s that? I can bring in traffic and big bucks by blogging about naked women doing yoga?? Why didn’t I think of that???

      Be sure to check out my next blog post: Kinky Yoga (those straps have more uses than you might think)…

  6. it truly IS the Kali Yuga……

  7. roseanne…

    ya, is this even shocking anymore?
    the best is, she’s oohing through her yoga in lululemon our sweetly canadian – amped up on LA action yoga brand.

    i am going to try to find that fine line b/w ignoring this and pretending it never happened while trying to go… hmm… maybe it’s just these fabulously superficial things that may convince a few superficial folks out there to test out yoga. I mean how many people got into yoga after madonna invoked its tush-toning capabilities or gwynth (who?), or do you remember the article in Vogue magazine talking about jennifer aniston’s love of yoga and her love of cigarettes…

    and maybe after the butt toning brigade tries it, they may even move past their skin deep layer and start to see the deeper stuff within… or maybe not… but right now, i’ve got to keep hoping!

  8. So it’s old news that there’s some kind of connection between yoga and sex,


  9. Now this is funny! I honestly believe nothing will come out of it and there will not be much impact on the yoga world. Did anyone go on the Playboy web site to check out the videos for Playboy Yoga? I have never seen that many close-ups than in these videos. So there us no way someone will buy a Playboy Yoga DVD to learn about yoga. And for the odd guys who will buy that DVD, I doubt it will somehow influence them to embark on the yoga journey.

    I do have to thank you for sharing the info about Star Wars yoga! I happen to be a big Star Wars fan 🙂 Check out this web site for a true Star-Wars-inspired postures: If you know the movies, you’ll really crack up.

  10. oh man- i totally have another sad yoga-story to tell… which I’m debating on when to tell it. Perhaps I’ll save it for after halloween.

  11. It’s okay, it will pass and then we will be the only ones left. All of the Playboy girls will take up Zumba soon enough!

  12. Its probably not so much what we do…
    but “how” we do it, thats important.

    Lets just make sure that we try to see the BEAUTY in everything. This is a yogic principal and one of the essence of the practice.

    I see life through Gods eyes

    and I am able to transform any darkness in my sphere to light.


    • So, seeing everything through God’s eyes, is everybody naked, anyway? Guess that’d make the Playboy yoga thing kinda obsolete…

  13. Oh come now, we all knew it was going to happen. The husband of a student of mine has said for years, “Great pose, can you do it naked?” which goes through my mind everytime I do Ananda Balasana (Happy baby pose). Naked yoga has been around for quiet a while now, so I’m actually surprised it took Playboy so long to find a Playmate yogi.

  14. I was watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” the other night–I blame that on having too much time and delirium having just gotten out of surgery on Friday–and I found myself equally frustrated by the oversexualized flighty yogini stereotype yet again. The Scarlett Johansen character is a yoga teacher who barely even convinces on the count of being a yoga teacher who is made to be the idealized sex object, lusty woman who has an affair with a married man, and wispy airy superficial type cliche of all yoga fluff and no yoga substance. I second Ecoyogini’s sigh…on all counts–both playboy and otherwise.

  15. haha Teresa ~ no need to excuse watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” around here! I saw it, and was also frustrated by Scarlett Johansen’s character, in the same way that I’m frustrated by almost every portrayal of a yoga teacher in popular culture (recent frustrations include the creepy yoga guy in “Couple’s Retreat” and that goofy teacher couple on Amazing Race).

    I agree with most of the commentors here that this whole Playboy Yoga thing will have no serious damage on the-bigger-thing-that-is-yoga. But I don’t think it’s going to entice anyone to try yoga either (and I’m not sure if that’s even the intention ~ I’m generally not sure of the intention of this fiasco, other than to provide some kind of reassurance to Playmate of the Year 2007 that she’s not irrelevant).

  16. I had a discussion with my students just tonight about yoga advertising….they all felt — and it’s a good age range — that all the yoga ads with the stereotypical young, white, skinny, woman in some arm balance AND with her leg behind her neck is a total turn-off. that is, those ads actually hinder people from trying yoga because they think “I will never be able to do that.” each person felt the majority of yoga advertising is totally disingenuous and does a tremendous disservice to yoga.

  17. This is hilarious. The sex-crazed, narcissistic ways of Western culture really know no bounds at times. We can only laugh. My question is, who is buying the videos? Men or women?

  18. Why are so many people upset? Why are there so many judgments? Take a breath and reconnect. Yoga is all and everything- good for her for practicing her asanas and sharing her temple. All is as it should be.

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