patanjali remixed: “threads of yoga” book needs your support

“2012 seems to be a good year for intellectually refreshing, community-supported yoga book projects,” blogger Rose Tantropol recently declared on This was in reference to Mark Singleton and Jim Mallinson’s Kickstarter-funded Roots of Yoga and, ahem, 21st Century Yoga.

There’s a new intellectually refreshing and community supported project on the block: Matthew Remski’s Threads of Yoga, a remix of patanjali’s sutras with reverie and commentary. Remski has launched an Indiegogo campaign to cover the design and publicity costs of this unique book project, which has evolved over three years of writing, thinking and discussion on Remski’s blog and Elephant Journal.

This is how he describes the project on his Indiegogo page:

I have retranslated the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali for our present paradigm. I’ve used the lenses of contemporary philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience to “remix” the original stillness and insight of the old book with the best that our age has to offer. I interweave the refashioned verses with critical commentary and personal reflections from a decade of practice.

After nearly three years of work and the collaborative input of dozens of colleagues, I am now ready to publish, and have decided on the print-on-demand route, for reasons of ecology, economy, and timing.

For the full story, check out Remski’s delightfully weird pitch video below. The first couple of minutes are campaign nitty-gritty – but after the two-minute mark, Remski gives us readings from the book, candid shots of his cat, intimate bed-making moments, and candlelit insights into his creative process. Enjoy!

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