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2014: the year in yoga

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For the past five years, IAYB has enthusiastically rounded up the “best” (quotation marks because it’s highly subjective) posts of the yoga blogosphere. This year, however, it’s a little more difficult. One of the reasons is that there is less emphasis on individual posts.… Read more

practice: body scan & deep relaxation with jeanne dillion

 in yoga
Jeanne Dillion guides us through a 20-minute body scan and breath sensing audio practice, perfect for relieving the stress and pressure of the holiday season. Lay down, make yourself comfortable and let Jeanne’s voice take you into the deeper layers of your being.… Read more
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body politics & positivity: yoga body jamming with erica mather, dec 14

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I’m looking forward to jamming about body politics, the mythical yoga body and body image with Erica Mather on Dec 14. Erica is a NYC-based Forrest Yoga teacher, body image activist and founder of Adore Your Body Signature System. She’s been conducting these teleclasses with thought leaders in the body image movement, and I’m honoured to be next on her list.… Read more
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giveaway: watch me do yoga by bobby clennell

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There’s something about December that invokes the spirit of giving. Obviously, the societal enforced holiday season has something to do with it. But it also might have something to do with the shorter days, increased darkness and cooler temperatures – giving warms the heart, and at this time of year, we need as much warmth as we can get.… Read more
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bokeh shapes created with christmas fairy lights

IAYB holiday gift guide 2014

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It’s the holiday season. It happens every year and there’s nothing we can do about it. Getting into the spirit of the season this year, IAYB is pleased to announce the first-ever IAYB Holiday Gift Guide! This is your one stop shop for festive goodies for the yoga lovers in your life.… Read more