occupy yoga NY: an appeal to the global yoga community

Daily meditation & yoga at the Tree of Life altar (photo by Anthony Almeida, via Occupy Yoga NY Facebook page)

It would be easy to think that Seane Corn, Michael Stone and the Yoga Modern crew are the only voices in the yoga community who are thinking about or involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. However, that’s not the case, as the New York City 3Ho Kundalini community has been quietly and persistently having a presence on Wall Street, offering yoga and meditation classes every evening at Liberty Square.

This week, the leaders of the community issued “An Appeal to the Global Yoga Community” (which I think means the “global Kundalini yoga community”) via the Occupy Yoga NY Facebook fanpage.

We are spreading the word and getting people mobilized. We have anywhere from 40-60+ participants with up to 100 bystanders watching us do Kundalini Yoga every night in Liberty Park (6pm every night) in Downtown NYC, Occupy Wall Street. We are reading and reciting the 5 Aquarian Sutras in huge groups. We are bringing in musicians and teachers from Massachusetts and as far as New Mexico. We have 7 different teachers per week teaching, and twice on weekends. People are getting the message way Yogi Bhajan (our spiritual teacher) wanted us to — by taking it to those in need.

But this is not enough.

We would love to have you help continue to get the word out, and help spread the light to other cities through any media outlets or connections you have. This energy and emerging period right now before the Aquarian Age turn point of 11.11.11 is an essential time to get the community mobilized. We’re even a bit frustrated more people don’t see the urgency of this time and are not capitalizing on it. We have this amazing platform from which to spread the message of light. The Occupy movement is a rich vein of consciousness ready for spreading the universal conscious message and positive actions to the global scale. And Yogi Bhajan, our Master teacher of Kundalini Yoga, always urged us to be the light, but also importantly to act… Let’s not rest on our laurels at this vital time. A revolution of consciousness is upon us, and all of the teachings, and all of the daily practice, and all of our service… The point of it was clear – he trained us to be the “White Robed” leaders of light at this time, right now.

We would like to call upon teachers and student from all corners of our community to act locally and globally now to make a push in their community to get the word out. We were trained to bravely jump into situations of darkness and confusion and lead the way towards the light. We are here at OccupyWallStreet to do that, and we believe the time is now. It was foretold by Yogi Bhajan, and 40+ years we have been waiting for this time — it is in the present, right now upon us, just days before 11.11.11. Let us act now!

Are you a Kundalini yogi? Have you seen the Kundalini community at your local Occupy demonstration? Does this positioning (consciousness, rather than politics) resonate with you?

Occupy Yoga NY Facebook fanpage
Occupy Yoga NY on Twitter (@OccupyYoga)

  1. I am not a kundalini yogi, but their position absolutely resonates with me. The Occupy movement where I am currently living (Dunedin, New Zealand) just makes me want to cry. It’s based purely on negativity. This movement is about people waking up, coming together, and wanting a world that is better for everyone. Consciousness, spirituality, love, these are just words, but the movement is happening, and I really, really hope the positive movement wins! Thanks for posting this. 🙂

    • interesting! i wonder if the NZ kundalini community has thought about having a presence at local demos. perhaps you should pass on this global appeal to them!

      i’ve been down to the occupy montreal site a few times, and i’ve found it to be light, inspired, proactive and positive. i was down there last saturday night and it was quite the party, with drum jams (of course: mtl loves the drums), an anarchist marching band, dancing and food. i hope to spend more time there this weekend because it was so fun! my kind of revolution.

      i hope that the NZ occupiers lighten up soon.