occupy wall street: transition from a culture of “I” to “we”

On September 17, activists occupied New York City’s financial district and documentary filmmaker Velcrow Ripper captured them on film. In this short video, he talks to Franklin D. Roosevelt’s face on a dime (artist/activist Noah Fischer) about love, brotherhood and the parallels between the 1929 stock market crash and the current economic situation.

“How can the current crisis become a love story?” Velcrow Ripper asks the Roosevelt dime. He wisely responds that this what happens when people let greed run rampant and think only of themselves. He calls for a transition from a consumption-driven culture of “I” to one of “us.” The Roosevelt dime reminds us that we’re all connected and together we can find a way to solve these problems.

The Wall Street occupation continues. Follow the resistance action on their blog and livestream.

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Learn more about Velcrow Ripper’s current project, EVOLVE LOVE: Love in a Time of Climate Crisis.