obama 2012: the yoga pants

Detail from the Obama 2012 Official Product Catalogue

Concerned that your lululemon yoga pants make you look like an Ayn Rand-reading, Tea Party-supporting Objectivist? Looking for yoga apparel that reflects your leftist leanings? These Obama 2012 yoga pants might do the trick!

Yoga pants are among the offerings in the Obama 2012 product catalogue, along with branded martini and wine glasses, cat and dog collars, baby onesies, spatulas and aprons.

When it comes to raising money off of campaign merchandise, President Obama’s team is taking its cues from top marketers, outflanking the GOP competition with a wide variety of innovative branded products. While all the 2012 White House hopefuls sell “official” t-shirts, mugs and buttons, neither Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michelle Bachman nor Ron Paul in their on-line shops offer the variety of merchandise stocked in the Obama store. [via Chicago Sun-Times blogs]

The Obama 2012 yoga pants are made in the USA and cost $35 (less than half the price of a pair of lulus!).

  1. no free advertising for anybody! not even when I rode a Harley — no Harley shirts for me…..

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