ny times loves the saka pinda ~ & so do we!

This is not me, but someone who loves the Saka Pinda as much as I do (image via nytimes.com)

I’m not really into “stuff,” but I acknowledge that we all need stuff. And there is even some stuff that I can’t live without. And I have to admit that there is even some yoga stuff that actually enhances my practice. The one piece of yoga stuff that I can’t live without is my Saka Pinda Yoga Backpack (which I received from the fine people at Yoga Vermont a couple of years ago). I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about how much I love this piece of stuff, and I’ve even considered writing an ode to it.

However, the NY Times Style section beat me to it, reviewing six yoga mat bags in their latest Gear Test. The Saka Pinda came out on top, as “absolutely the No. 1 bag hands down… built for action.”

So what makes the Saka Pinda so awesome? It’s a full-sized backpack (which fits a change of clothes and books and even a bottle of wine, all at once!) with external straps and an amazing Velcro-fastened flap to hold down the mat. It has countless pockets for keys, loose change, pens, yoga passes and cell phones. There’s a little pouch thing for a water bottle. There’s even a secret pocket below the mat holder which stores a flap to cover your mat from the rain! To top it all off, the straps are super ergonomic and no matter how many yoga goodies you carry around, it never feels heavy.

This is what you get when snowboarding yogis from Vermont design a yoga mat bag. It’s perfect for the urban yogi who has to buzz around town on her bike, and squeeze work plus yoga class plus drinks with the girls into one day. Congrats, Yoga Vermont/Saka for an honour well deserved!

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  1. Now thatcha mention it, that does sound tasty.

    Since I bike to yoga class whenever possible, the right mat bag is about as essential as the mat itself…and I can’t go for any of these frou frou bags that’ll get ruined by a little chain oil. The one problem with the bags I’ve had–durable and black–is that I really can’t carry much in them other than the yoga mat itself, and it’s kind of awkward to carry a napsack along with them, so the saka pinda could be just the thing…

  2. That does sound amazing! My old Hugger Mugger is getting a little (lot) beat up…I’m putting it on the list!

  3. I got this for a Christmas gift – I will never own another kind of yoga back. It’s so comfortable – and it even fits my latop if I need to work before class….shh! Also, great overnight bag. (Jackets or towels can fit where the mat goes.)

  4. Saka makes nice yoga bags. Not many people make ones that you can carry well like that. The Manduka Mat Sak is probably our best seller by far. It’s #2 on the NY Times Gear test.

  5. I run an yoga/adventure travel company called Solyoga Adventures. This backpack looks like it would be amazing for traveling. A day trip to the beach, or hike up a volcano, and at any moment you have everything you need for a spontaneous practice without the discomfort of carrying things around. Seems perfect.

  6. coooool. it would be perfect for hiking and camping…..

  7. But what about the RAIN? I considered this option in my quest for the perfect yoga backpack (I’m a big fan of the backpack species) but I was stymied by the weather factor and the fact that my travel mats (as opposed to my home mats) are thin and might slip out of the velcro holder.

    That said, my search is still ongoing…

    Been a busy winter/spring but trying to claw my way to the top,

    • nice to hear from you again, yogaspy! i’ve noticed you were m.i.a.

      honestly, i don’t find the rain to be much of a problem. the edge of one side of my mat will get a bit damp, but i just wipe it down before i practiced. there’s a cover at the bottom of the bag which can be pulled over the lower part of the mat (but i never need to use it). and if it’s really raining, i use an umbrella, which covers up the backpack and keeps everything dry.

      good luck with your continued search! see you around…