nude “yoga experts” bodypainted for motorcycle tradeshow promo

Artistic yoga nudes aren’t just for yoga products anymore!

The newly-launched promo for International Motorcycle Shows depicts naked “yoga experts” bodypainted and arranged in the shape of motorcycles. This photo series and the behind-the-scenes video made the rounds of geek and tech blogs a few days ago, including (in a post with the charming title, “Motorcycles Made From Bodypainted Ladies Doing Yoga“).

It’s hard not to admire the creativity and skill that went into this campaign. It’s also hard not to be slightly disturbed by women’s bodies being transformed into machines for advertising purposes. And finally, it’s hard not to wonder who were the “yoga experts” commissioned for the shoot. A few possibilities come to mind…


  1. painted women used as objects? yawn. so ’70s. I remember doing a paper on that in my Women in Art History class…back in the ’70s.

    the more things change the more they stay the same.

  2. “the concept really stemmed from…i was trying to get into the mindset of the people that actually go to the progressive international motorcycle show, and why they hit the floor, and the real thought is that people are hitting the floor looking at different types of bikes, so what if we customised some very unique types of bikes here.” um, okay?

  3. Interesting that the “yoga gurus” aren’t made mention of at all during the making of video. I think it’s too often that media confuse yoga with contortion or acrobatics.