no photoshop: seane corn on the cover of sweat equity

no photoshop: seane corn on the cover of sweat equity

Yoga superstar Seane Corn turns up on the cover of Sweat Equity with no photoshop or touch-ups. She may possibly be the first unphotoshopped magazine cover girl ever.

“The article is on aging, body image and self-acceptance,” Corn wrote on her Facebook page. “I am so proud that they did not photoshop one single image of me, including on the cover!! Thanks Sweat Equity for letting me represent my version of what a healthy 47 year old looks like, not a 47 year old made to look like 25.”

Sweat Equity is a Canadian yoga, fitness and lifestyle publication that’s not really known for a progressive take on body image or magazine design (check out the ripped bodies and Smart Water ads all over their homepage). IAYB was unable to dig up the backstory on Corn’s cover appearance, so the motivation for the design decision is unknown. Considering the angle of Corn’s article, it makes sense that the art direction would include unaltered photos. Still, it defies convention in an industry that holds onto, and reinforces, unattainable standards of beauty.

Seane Corn also let a couple of hot quotes from her interview slip out on Facebook:

“My hope is that the standard of beauty becomes determined not by the size of our thighs, but by our capacity to love.”

“I want to see what my laughter, rage and tears have etched into my face. I worked hard for this life. I’m proud to wear my story, my journey.”

Amen to that. Now let’s see if this breakthrough in the representation of women’s bodies will have any impact on other yoga/fitness publications (I’m looking at you, Yoga Journal).


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