no perfection: geri larkin on the 7 factors of enlightenment


The “seven factors of enlightenment” may sound a little lofty, but in her new book, Close to the Ground, author Geri Larkin breaks them down so they feel attainable to regular folks.

In this video interview, I talk to Larkin about the seven factors, the process of writing her book, and her transition from ambitious career woman to “reclusive monk.” From the down-to-earth anecdotes throughout the book, I had a feeling that Larkin would be a storyteller, and her video presence confirmed my hunch. She was just as wise and easy to relate to as I suspected she would be.

Geri Larkin is a former management consultant turned Buddhist monk. In 1999, she started Still Point Zen Buddhist Temple in the heart of Detroit, where she was guiding teacher for its first five years. Larkin is the author of seven books on Buddhism, and writes a regular column for Spirituality & Health. These days she lives in Eugene, Oregon, where she volunteers, babysits, writes, cleans, and practices.