name that pose: kate moss yoga statue sold at discount

Can you name this pose? Take a guess in the comments section below and be eligible to win a handmade something (by me!).

This 18-carat gold statue of Kate Moss in a yoga pose just sold for £577,000 at Sotheby’s – only six percent of it’s initial £10m estimate, and less than a third of the £1.5m cost to produce.

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, artist Marc Quinn created the piece “to question the notion of value that society places on objects and materials in light of the credit crunch.” Perhaps it could also be interpreted as a comment on the  materialism and status consciousness of yoga as it’s absorbed into haute couture.

While Kate Moss did pose for the artist, this specific asana was modeled by “a more experienced woman yoga practitioner.” Do you know what she’s doing? Take a guess in the comments section below! The person with the right guess will win something awesome and made by me (most likely knitted, not gold). If there is more than one correct answer, I will draw one name for the prize.

  1. It looks like she is getting into Dwipada Sirsasana.

  2. Dwi Pada Sirsasana – Ashtanga Yoga

  3. Hey Roseanne,
    Is it Dwi pada sirasasna?

  4. Viranchyasana – Pose of the Lord Viranchi (variation)

  5. the pose is Kate Mossana. naturally.

  6. The pose is indeed Dwi Pada Sirsasana! However, the prize goes to Y is for Yogini for the most creative answer! Congrats!