my first blog post!

Well, not my first blog post ever, but the first I’ve made on my new blog, which I just created on this sunny Easter Monday afternoon. This will be a blog about yoga, obv, and whatever else interests me.

Why did I call this blog “it’s all yoga, baby”? Because this essentially sums up my view of yoga. I know that yoga has strong elements of discipline, commitment and discrimination, and it may be arbitrary to just call anything “yoga.” But I also believe that yoga is an expansive, all-encompassing practice which extends beyond the mat. In my own practice, I know that I am practicing yoga when I’m walking, cooking, knitting, cuddling with my cats, enjoying time with friends ~ if I’m doing these activities with consciousness, compassion, self-awareness.

This is just the beginning of my blogging adventures. Who knows what lies ahead!

  1. Congratulations on your new blog. All things yoga baby! For me, it’s all things tai chi, which, of course is so related to yoga. I also practice tai chi as a way of life, and try to do it all the time-walking through a door, washing dishes. The mindfulness and awareness are developed. I like that you call yourself girl warrior!

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