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800px-Rainbow-diagram-ROYGBIV.svgYou might remember that there was a secret post from Rainbeau Mars last week, which was live for a few hours then removed on Rainbeau’s request. Well, here it is, slightly edited but in all its full glory! I thought that we were pretty much done with this Rainbeau/Adidas Yoga thing, but the comments continue to trickle in and I think this conversation can continue in more directions. So check out what Rainbeau has to say… and I’d love to hear your thoughts. What role do brands play in your life? In your yoga practice? How do you choose and take responsibility for what you consume? Let’s hand it over to Rainbeau (and y’all be nice to her this time).

Hmmm – Well many of you said you need no brand to do yoga…and I agree whole heartedly – but at the same time I question the reality of life without brands as some of the yogis here seem to be requiring.  Yoga to me is the depth of going inside so far, that we come back out again and realize that it’s all one big reflection. We get feedback about ourselves from this holographic experience and vice versa.

Branding Yoga

Some thoughts about brands when it comes to our exercise routines:  Les Milles, Pilates, Bikram, Power, Gaiam, Ashtanga (Mr Jois himself) or Iyengar (after his own name), right? This was along the same line that Adidas felt there was room for a sporty variation for those die hard Adidas fans that otherwise, may have never made it into a yoga room. Their mission is to walk side by side with their athletes and give them the tools they need to do whatever they do. How cool is it that Yoga has grown enough for even these major soccer moguls, to say “You know what? Everyone seems to be hopping on the ‘fastest growing sport is yoga’ bandwagon and we recognize it as one as well and will bring it to more people, including our very own athletes.”

Do you buy no name/brand foods or do you occasionally trust what High Country Kombucha, or Guayaki Yerba Mate, H20m, Zico, Fila has to offer? Hass Avocados, Evolution juices, Celestial, Yogi teas? Do you trust Whole Foods or choose your local Coop or grow your own? Do you drive an American car or do you trust the safety of Mercedes? If you choose to bike it (props!), is there a brand you trust more? When you wear clothes which do you choose, Prana, Lululemon, Lucy, or do you make your own? Do you go to U2 Concert and buy a T-shirt?

I totally understand and respect your right to not choose Adidas Yoga, which just happened in the last few years (it’s actually ra’yoKa which is still the name I created out of my right for free expression). I also respect your choice to do whatever you are so drawn to do or not. I feel we have to ask ourselves what’s really important about any of it, and in that, we may find many of our “need to be right” thoughts that were so justified, simply may fall away… In the fact that we are all headed in the same direction, but at different times and paces – can we try to look for and find the similarities within each other and our selected choices? I hope you can respect the people that actually feel safer about trusting a certain person or even company with what they choose to spend their time or money on.

Freedom of Choice

I question that some of the accusations I have heard here are honest or realistic and at the same time think it was an important conversation to be had. I just hope that all those who may be pointing the finger upon someone else, no matter how big or small they are to you in your life that you are taking the same amount of time to look at yourself and where there may be the creation of exactly that which you are being critical of – then say is this any more yoga then a brand claiming its own version of a much respected practice?

I wonder why there’s so much animosity towards a company, big or small. Do you realize how many jobs are provided by Adidas?  Do you know that Adidas donates millions of dollars privately each year to bring sports fields into under privileged villages (they do not publicize this)? Not to mention the outsource for design and PR teams, web people, artists and athletes and the managers that they help support…

Then the things they sponsor, either solely or as a participant, like the Olympics, NBA, FIFA, ATP, WTA…  Now yoga! Martial arts, Pilates, women! The events that they helped sponsor, such as Play Yoga campaigns where people came to by the thousands or the Asian Fitness academies made history. They helped RML co sponsor the YJ conference and just in case you did not know – YJ (who is also a brand) needs these types sponsorships to exist, giving a lot of people some new yoga information and for even this discussion to exist. Do you want to sponsor YJC privately? Do we really want to bite the hand that feeds us? Damned if they do or don’t right? Please tell me your “Solution”?

Thank you Adidas for helping to support my personal mission which is to support and serve the planet with tools that can enhance ones lives, health and beauty.  I was able to give some great people, a pretty good job and to evolve in ways that have been a gift to my life in every way.

The Yoga of Non-Judgment

I only hope that I increase my abilities to support the people I want to and pray that you won’t judge me for having the passion to use the resources that are available to create what in my hearts and mind (and the people I reflect with daily) to serve and support and hopefully become a brand (Rainbeau Mars Lifestyle) that people will know and trust that they can count on. This many sound crazy, but Martha Stewart, Oprah, Rachel Ray, Tyra Banks are brands that I respect and have watched many people live for the filters they have and the information they are sharing with the world through television. God willing, one day I will be able to offer my holistic piece of the puzzle to a smaller or just as large group of people, cause lord knows, I would love to do that and based on the daily emails I get, I believe we want it.  I hope to deliver content and products that can be trusted on every level including holistically and eco-sustainably. All brands are the individual offering and filter of one or a synthesis of people. We as natural consumers, eating, buying clothes, cooking, dealing with relationships, house cleaning, keeping our bodies healthy and beautiful as we sometimes count on certain brands to support us with the tools we need.

Yes – Do yoga – on your own and barefooted, naked at times, but you can also do it in high heels or tennis shoes or even some strappy shoes that grip the floor so you don’t need to travel with that big heavy mat that takes up way to much space in a luggage that I want my sustainable clothes in. Because yoga is ultimately for anytime and anywhere, anyone and any class, type, age, sex or even athlete. Yoga is union – are you doing it when you are being a parent, a wife, husband, co worker, or just a member if society that chooses these tools for EVERYONE – not just what we are getting from our pockets of insight, but how much are we sharing and giving back. It’s ultimately all yoga.

AND NO… We do not need Adidas to do yoga or any brand for that matter. Thank goodness we ultimately need no one but our own selves.  However, the big journey may be mostly solo, we our communal beings, needing, guiding, realizing, inspiring with the help and reflections of each other.

I personally like just the right clothes – and I have to admit – I am right now cuddling in my super soft, earth colored clothes that I created with Adidas. They are natural, breathable and yes, flattering and comfortable. I sometimes live in these clothes and am beyond grateful that I had a partner/home in which to create with.

Taking Responsibility

I deserve and hope for the best out of myself and that which I surround myself with. What I choose to support is hopefully a reflection of who I am. I love ECO – sustainability, natural fibers and I also love beauty full rich colors, not lots of black, but I love details that feminine details that somehow just remind me to appreciate the creation that we are all part of. At the same time, I often opt for simple, natural, real, whole and yet – I am not attached to any of it. I am so grateful that we live in a world of creation and choice, hoping we all keep finding ways to give back and take care of each other as well as the planet and ourselves as we do so.

So we lead by example, heal within and then let it shine so we can reflect all that we do love about others and ourselves. We can choose to support, encourage, breathe into, take our own responsibility and let the judgment we have about others go, for it is ultimately only judging ourselves. I am you and you are me… remember? This is ultimately the real yoga and actually a more challenging pose in many ways than down dog – although I know that hanging in down dog for a while can teach us how to encounter this similar difficult lufe lesson with more grace, deeper breaths and an inward smile.


Rainbeau Mars

… and previously in the Great Adidas Yoga Debate:

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  1. I’m going to get this party started, and Rainbeau’s commentary has really sparked my thinking about how I spend my money and what kind of “brand allegiance” I practice in my life.

    I actually do think it’s possible to live a life without brands ~ it’s not easy, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort either. In the grocery store, I tend to buy whatever is on sale (and I usually shop at health food stores/co-ops in my neighbourhood) or locally produced. I don’t drive and I live most of my life within an 8 block radius (my school, yoga space, friends and entertainment are all within a 15 minute walk). When I need to go across town, I take public transit or ride my bike (an awesome 80s road bike which I bought second hand off Craig’s List). Most of my yoga clothes are from Old Navy (so cheap! and comfy! though totally made in Indonesia), and my Lululemon and other “yoga brand” pieces were either gifts or swag I received at my last job.

    That said, I do practice Anusara, a totally trademarked style of yoga. I struggled with this for a while before I could truly accept the practice, and I still cringe whenever I see the ® ~ but I love how Anusara blends an intense physical practice with spiritual rigour, and I love my teacher and community in Montreal. For me, the immediate gifts of the practice override the trademarked/corporate image, and I know that the money I spend on classes stays in my community.

    I’ve studied the psychology of branding, and I know that it is not “an individual offering.” Branding feeds on our basic human needs to belong and identify with something greater than ourselves. There is a precise psychology behind the brand and image that companies – large and small – create for themselves. I prefer to create my own filters and find my sense of belonging in my local community.

    But that’s just how I live my life, and I try to live the best life I can. Though I know that I’m far from perfect: I don’t compost (there are only a few compost centres in Montreal, and they are all outside of my radius ~ and my worm compost efforts have ended disastrously). I don’t buy enough sustainable clothing, as it’s usually too expensive for my limited budget. I drink too much beer (Quebec microbrewery beer, but still beer! and too much of it!). Still, I do my best to be aware of my choices and take responsibility for my actions.

  2. Glad Rainbeau found an editor! I’ve been lurking on this discussion, because it’s kind of exhausting to get through all the posts and responses. I am glad you mentioned that you are an Anusara practitioner, because my first thought upon reading the uproar over Rainbeau was, “How is this so different from John Friend or Shiva Rea being a “yoga ambassador” for Prana?” (Or other well-know yogis in ads for things?) They may not be offering “Prana yoga” at a YJ event, but it’s still a commercial relationship, just more tastefully done.

    We could go round and round forever about this, right? Whee!! Basically, I think we all can choose to patronize or not patronize a brand. The reality of Western culture is commerce and branding and money money money. I hope we all choose to navigate this landscape thoughtfully. And I believe that most yogis are already taking a step to live life thoughtfully and with care.

    If you find a teacher and a practice that speaks to you, whether it’s branded or not, that’s OK with me.

    And girlwarrior, don’t defend your life to me! Or anyone! I trust that you are doing the best you can or at least trying. I would hope you could give me the same benefit of the doubt. We are human. I am sure some folks would say I’m naive, but I’m not. I’m acutely aware of the effects of global capitalism. I’m acutely aware that many people are not living life thoughtfully, that they are irresponsible and callous and in some cases, evil. It’s just that I’m a glass-half-full kind of person.

  3. (This comment kind of got buried in the previous discussion, but it’s very relevant here:)

    Just when you thought this great debate was winding down, here’s the next news from Elephant Journal about Fila getting into Yoga apparel:

    Fila makes the adidas approach, with a real Yoga teacher who travels around the world talking about meditation and breathing, seem nostalgically traditional!

    Bob Weisenberg

  4. I agree with girlwarrior- although Rainbeau has brought to light a lot of issues and debate, for myself this conversation has only strengthened my core beliefs and consumerist habits. As in, I believe we need to step away and step back. Of course, no one is perfect, and our current society doesn’t make it easy- but it’s possible to start.

    Which means that I spend wisely- on local Canadian sustainable companies for yoga clothing (they are out there!) who make their clothing in Canada. On food that is as local and organic as I can get it within budget reason. On driving the least amount possible, on using cleaning products that are Canadian, body care products that are local and Canadian (just found a wonderful Halifax=made chemical free shampoo and conditionner-YES). When Andrew and I build a house we will use as many reclaimed and local sources and materials as possible.

    I think this conversation has shown me that I really have moved beyond the ‘recognition that we have a consumer culture’ to ‘how many ways can I live my life without brands and consumeristic influence?’.

    My yoga means making informed choices with my time, energy and resources and supporting the macro as opposed to the micro (i.e. supporting an entire company that fits with my beliefs as opposed to one line of ‘eco’ clothing of an overall carbon emitting giant).

    As such I am now a critical consumer- which I think fits my ‘yoga’ very well. I don’t believe that the all compassionate, always happy, blindly accepting ‘yogi’ is who I want to be, or what fits with my understanding of yoga. Making informed and critical decisions interposed with compassion is the way I strive to live my life. I create my own views, and I strongly believe that questioning our culture and societal norms helps foster a personal and spiritual growth as well as gives inherent strength.

    Many Blessings in this time of Change (it is Autumn afterall!)


    • The Bhagavad Gita supports you all the way in you dharmic mission.

      Krishna doesn’t tell Arjuna to withdraw from society and contemplate his navel. He tells him to go fight the battles of life squarely and make the world a better place according to his convictions.

      (It’s true that Arjuna’s mission happens to involve being a warrior and fighting a war, but to make sense today, this must be turned into a metaphor for fighting the challenges of society.)

      Bob Weisenberg

  5. My primary salary comes from working as a copywriter and consultant in the Web industry. I spend my days crawling the Web for trends, best practices and innovative new tools. My job may provide plenty of mental (and occasionally even creative) stimulation, but I am immersed in brands and marketing and advertising all day long.

    That is why I find my yoga practice to be so nourishing – it’s one of the few places where I can breathe without a million consumer please. Admittedly, this makes me a little fierce when I see others trying to brand and commercialize my one last refuge.

    When not at work, I do try to stay away from brands, choosing to support local goods whenever budget and availability allow. And yes, I do own lululemon clothing, but I purchased them not for the vague prestige of their logo. I purchase their clothing because it’s quality and resistant over time. And at the very least – it’s a Canadian company with plenty of community involvement.

    It just seems to me – especially after the tumult of the last 10 months – that less branding – and not more – is what will help our economies recover. I’m not worried about the executives over at Adidas making a living wage – but I’m certainly mindful of our local farmers and small businesses.

  6. Forgot to say…

    Also, it seems more practical to me to put the money directly into the pockets of those that need it through more ethical consumerism, than put it into corporate pockets who will then distribute it as a handout.

    That’s all this time. I promise 🙂

  7. Branding is a marketing tool, pure and simple. Putting a recognizable face on a product adds value–whether it actually improves the quality of the product, or not.

    Martha Stewart didn’t sell her name to Kmart because she was concerned no one was getting the news about high thread count sheets. She knew it would open her brand up to a new group of customers and, as a result, increase the market share of Omnimedia.

    Why are we pretending this isn’t about Adidas making money?

  8. “Why are we pretending this isn’t about Adidas making money?”


    I’ve always said that if there’s a buck to be made off yoga, someone is going to grab on to it and ride it for all it’s worth. If it wasn’t yoga, it would be something else, the next big thing. the yoga buzz ain’t gonna last forever with corporations. their trend meisters will sniff out the next trend and latch on to that.

    and what does a corporation use to sell their product whether it’s yoga clothes or a car….sex. OK, it’s not SEX SEX, but sexiness sells products. young, white, and skinny models…or yoga teachers. buy X and look like this, that’s always been the idea on selling a product. that’s advertising and marketing 101.

  9. I had forgotten about this faux news story I did a couple of years ago but it somehow fits into the conversation and may not be as farfetched as it appears on the surface with the current trends in yoga branding. I wouldn’t be surprised to see YOGA up for sale on ebay (now there’s an idea that might make me some money…yeah, I like it…:)

    Iyengar to Buy Ashtanga for $16.5B

    • Hilarious! And not entirely far-fetched… The first thing that came to mind when I read this was a recent development in Vancouver, where a studio chain was buying up smaller community studios… and I’m sure that this is happening in cities across North America, too.

    • Yes, hilarious would be the correct word.

      I’m glad you’re bringing back your blogs and magazine covers from the past so those of us who missed them the first time around can enjoy them.


      Bob Weisenberg

  10. For anyone who thinks the de-spiritualization of Yoga is a recent phenomenon! (from Elephant Journal):

    Bob Weisenberg

    • ahahahahaha, i love this! i bet if elvis was wearing some sustainable adidas yoga clothing, he would have been able to get his foot behind his head…

  11. I think it really boils down to consumers being aware. Aware of the mighty dollar which they use and how they use it. Everyone wants a piece of that dollar and they’ll do what they have to in order to convince you their product is exactly what you need right now.

    In the end we all have to go to bed with our own conscience and be true to what we feel is the right thing. If that’s buying big brands or sticking to local products, your choice according to your own criteria.

    The big corporations will always try to sway you opinion and your buying habits … its their job and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon.

    Good for Rainbeau for finding a sponsor that allows her to do what she loves and spread her message of yoga. I’d jump at a chance like that.

  12. I would also jump at the chance if a corporation would be authentic and real when it comes to yoga, i.e., having me, a 50 something relatively in shape and fit (for my age) yogini advertising their yoga tchotkes.

    so even tho yoga in the west is portrayed as being good for every body-every age, that will never happen because people my age are only used for adult diaper ads, viagra ads, and everything that is related to “old age” in this culture.

    yoga advertising is both ageist and racist.

    which is why I love the Kripalu ads in YJ because they use black and brown people, old people, and round people. real and authentic. unlike Adidas, fila, etc etc etc.

  13. Wow – Hello From france – I am not sure how this came to my attention again – but it did… Are you sure we are really seeing life through the eyes of yogi’s – when we judge each other or even corporations?

    I am actually a bit saddened that we still feel that yoga is about an escape and something that we do all by ourselves to escape from the rest of the “branded world”..which it is… but its also about YOKING WITH EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE.

    Have you seen the new Lucy ad with Seane Corn – I love that the way they did her interviews which is about depth, spiritual activism and a 40 plus, strong women, still rocking it. There are many yoga ads that I have seen with people of all ages and in fact i had a challenging time as being younger – who am i teach anyone, if I am younger then them… but this was also not what I set out to do, yet somehow keeps chasing after me.

    I dont know about you – Linda – if you have ever met me – but I am of mixed decent – part french, izraeli, russian, latin indian and even a little Hawaiian.

    How is adidas racist? how are they ageist – the whole me, myself and I campaign is about CELEBRATING EVERY UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL – if you actually take the time to look at the Global adidas women’s site – you will find that they have someone to represent every nation.

    I am 5’7 – which is not tall and i have hips and a butt. Not a typical model shape, although my beauty runs much deeper then that and its with the healers, teachers and leaders that I was raised around that has allowed me to feel my beauty and even shape shift at times to be whatever i need to be and choose to be for one reason or another – I would, also admit and credit myself with the ability to share what I practice pretty well – which is why adidas chose me. Some people feel I am a pretty great teacher or asana, meditation and my own system that I have the freedom to create… isn’t it amazing the choices we are given?

    I think we should SUPPORT small business, local farmers, all of the above – for sure – I agree –

    But we also get to choose what we like – I love that I can find so many options in a borders books – although make sure to go the cool classic used stores now and then. Most of the clothes I buy are vintage – but nothing outlives the quality of certain products.. and I am telling you – I love my line – I really do and am so excited that adidas developed a sustainable, breathable, natural one for us – (and I wont mention some of the other guys people are choosing). – Thank you again adidas – I will always keep this line – which will soon be collectors items and I will hope that my line lives on through somewhere else. The island Molokai that I also grew up on refused to let any chains open there – which definitely had its benefits – Thank goodness its still like that – but while on island – we would truly experience a bit of island fever. if you are like me – you still enjoy the pleasures of window shopping and seeing what our fellow brothers and sister are creating. Thats the other thing that will help our economy – We need to create!

    Is it human nature to evolve, grow, expand, join forces and even raise money to spread its message further?

    Do you know that the owner of adidas and the owner of Puma were brothers in competition – side by side in the same town.

    If all these things are so bad, then why do they exist –

    The real problem is not in sports brands that get the world staying healthy and fit as well as providing content and clothes for them.

    The problem is much bigger – energy crises – corruption in politics that take away from innovation while making the same energy powers at be richer. If you have to voice about what is up with the economy than lets focus on energy, politics and even spirituality or a church lacking – while we worship and keep banging our head against the wall, using up our natural resources.

    I just pray we can all have a truth and keep aligning with right vs wrong – trust our intuition to do do good – Judging each other is not the solution – even if it has a name like Fila or adidas -(small a guys – if you want to have it correct).

    Lets focus on the same greed, oppression, ego, violence, fear, power hunger and disloyalty that must be somewhere inside of ourselves if we see it outside. lets do our practice and then do the practice with a partner, then in group – lets see what it feels like to be intimate, (and breath through the turbulence) so we don’t get fooled by our own maya/hype to much but connect and heal – thats what the wounds of judging other really is… (why am I not enough – how dare they). Then lets play and do it in community – huge groups in the thousands to the hundreds of thousands and lets hope – that some of these wealthy sports brands are able to walk the talk with us and help make it all possible. I hope we all can come together and hope we can join forces, because the truth is, that no one person can do any of this on their own, but we must help each other out.

    I have found that if the intention of the brand is in the right direction – cool – but its still the people that are in their own way, that sometimes have the key to the gate – yet even they are still reflections – so what am not being enough to shift the very way they see the world as well. Its not the corporation that may be the problem – especially in the case of adidas. We are companies run by people and every person in the world needs to heal.

    Lets walk hand in hand with corporate and brands and with each other and lead by being the example and showing right vs. wrong. sustainability vs, not. yoga vs.. disconnection.

    Bless you and au revoire,


    Oh – yeah – RainbeauMars lifestyles is still a small company, privately owned by me and hoping for the survival and thriving of yoga and right action on all levels – if you would like to help support my mission and what we are about. no need to buy the clothes that adidas actually owns, but feel free to get the new ra’yoKa DVD for yourself or a loved one – it contains my life’s work and is an overview of an entire system that I hope will help the planet in every way possible.

    Its the first project that i ever really produced, self financed and even directed a part of.

    • Rainbeau, thanks for jumping in again and offering your perspective. I find it fascinating that you are able to stand by your brand so strongly. You obviously believe in Adidas (I know their logo is lower case, but their company name is capitalized) and their products. Personally, I still can’t believe that their interest in yoga is any more than a reason to create new products and access a new market. But that’s just me ~ I’m a little cynical and jaded about things.

      I definitely agree with you that there are far bigger problems in the world than sports companies promoting yoga. And is great to see them trying to do something positive, rather than perpetuating bad practices.

      However, my feeling is that this conversation isn’t about simply judging brands and corporations ~ it’s about investigating what yoga means to us, and how we live it. Adidas has simply become a symbol, and it’s provided a catalyst for analyzing and discussing our consumerist habits ~ and how that can be part of our yoga practice. I’ve been amazed at the depth and thought that every person has put into their comments here, and it’s pushed my own thinking (especially my “anti-corporate bigotry”).

      Again, thanks for your willingness to get involved, and for listening. Best of luck with your future projects…

  14. I have come up with a modest proposal for solving all these problems with what is or isn’t Yoga.

    Let’s require that any Yoga that doesn’t meet whatever standard we set be called “Yobo” instead of “Yoga”.

    All Yobo studios and their corporate sponsors would be required to prominently display the following language on all their marketing material:

    “We practice Yobo here. While Yobo is inspired by certain limited aspects of Yoga, it does not include enough meditation, breathing, spirituality, and study of ancient texts to qualify as Yoga.”

    (There would, of course, have to be a certification committee that would set the rules and determine what is Yobo and what is Yoga.)

    Problem solved! No more inappropriate use of the word “Yoga”.

    I tried to sell this idea to YogaDawg, but he refused to pay my asking price.

    Bob Weisenberg

  15. maybe this is the last word on the subject…found this comment on my Facebook page…and the comment was actually about something else other than yoga:

    “…as long as there is a way to capitalize on ANYTHING, NOTHING surprises me. It’s just the way that Yoga, for instance, has been turned into a yuppy, suburban-middle-class-hippy-sorta trend.”

    talk amongst yourselves.

  16. point taken for sure
    and very funny.
    You truly rock Bob!
    Thank you for being you and an ausome yogi.. if I could nominate you on the committee, I would for sure.
    I hope all votes count 🙂

    • Oh, great. Rainbeau thinks I rock. THAT will make me popular on this site!

      Just kidding, Rainbeau. This has been a great discussion, made all the more intriguing by your willingness to jump right into the middle of it all. We’re all glad you’re here, whether we agree with you or not.

      And thanks for being the first to endorse my Yobo proposal. It really does solve all the problems, don’t you think? It’ll only really take off if we can get YogaDawg on board.

      We’re all waiting to hear from you, YogaDawg.

      Bob Weisenberg

      • Yeah, Bob, you lose some cool points with me!

        Just kidding. I *love* the Yobo idea. It would make things so much easier. Though then I’d have nothing to complain about…

  17. I think they already have something like this Bob. I believe it’s called Pilates…


    I break the news…. and have some thoughts that may interest you. You guys are all so inspirational – when you’re not being haters. 🙂

    You all rock –

    But I specifically said that about you, because – I feel like you always take the high road and I thank you for that. You can say the same things – but from a place that does not feel so critical.

    No read to get defensive if the original discussion comes from a high road place
    Its important for us to all try and take that and know that we are all teaching each other and attacking is ultimately not affective.

    Bless –

    I know that not everyone will always approve of my choices – but if I know that my intention is to serve in the highest and most EFFECTIVE way possible than I can hope that people like me and the choices I can make – or I can just take off and go live in a nice Italian Vinyard or France for that matter – but I chose instead to share my life in a public way and hope to share something thats good.

    You may like me or not – but honestly – bottom line – Bodhi Satva theory – we get enlightened – when we all get enlightened.

    I got to hands on be in the presence of at least 20,000 people doing yoga with them, in places that were grateful we had come.

    I thank adidas for that.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  19. Thank you very much and God Bless you Linda – Sama and friends.
    abundance for all
    Total illumination
    infinite elevation
    life celebration
    complete integration

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