montreal yoga workshop: stillness in action

Okay, so did you hear yoga can wreck your body? Seriously! But of course you know that yoga is more than asana, so it’s possible to do some kinds of yoga without physically damaging yourself. It can be, however, hard to source some non-asana kinds of yoga out there in the urban jungle.

If you’re in Montreal this weekend, you might want to check out a yoga workshop called Stillness In Action. There will be mantra, pranayama, relaxation and svadhyaya (self-study) – exercises from the tradition of Swami Sivananda Radha, as practiced at Yasodhara Ashram. There may be a little bit of hatha yoga, but it could very well just be standing in tadasana and looking at a wall. Or lying on the floor in savasana. More details below (in English and French, because that’s how we roll around here):

Start 2012 with an afternoon of practice and reflection in a supported environment. Become still and ask yourself: What was the past year about for me and for others? What do I want to invite into my life this year? How do I engage the world? Leave with tools to take action in your life.

Use mantra, breath, hatha yoga and visualization – practices from the yoga tradition of Swami Radha – to access your intuition and inner guidance. Bring clarity to the ideals that you want to practice in your daily life and listen to what you need.

Wear comfortable clothes and bring a journal.

$40 (sliding scale)

Le calme dans l’action : un atelier de réflexion et de pratique personnelle pour le Nouvel An.

Débutez l’année en passant un après-midi de yoga et de réflexion dans un cadre amical et solidaire. Trouvez le calme méditatif et posez-vous ces questions :
Comment a été l’année 2012 pour moi et pour les autres?
Qu’est-ce que j’aimerais inviter dans ma vie cette année?
Comment aller vers les autres, comment aborder le monde?

À l’issue de cet atelier, vous disposerez d’outils vous permettant d’agir. Vous utiliserez les mantras, la respiration, le hatha yoga et la visualisation – des pratiques provenant de la tradition de Swami Radha – pour accéder à votre intuition et à votre conseiller intérieur. Apportez de la clarté aux idéaux que vous souhaitez poursuivre dans votre vie quotidienne et soyez à l’écoute de vos besoins.

Apportez des vêtements confortables et un carnet de notes.

40 $ (contribution suggérée)

Saturday, January 7, 2012
1 – 5 pm
Yoga de l’Éveil
4847 Ave du Parc

  1. haha I love how you managed to include the NYTimes article in the intro! People really have gotten all in a huff about that haven’t they! But you’re right…it’s your choice what you do in workshops & class. Standing in tadasana for an hour might be more difficult than people think!
    Beautiful ad for the workshop…have a great time! 🙂