out from the shadows: talkin’ about money, shame & yoga

out from the shadows: talkin’ about money, shame & yoga

It’s my pleasure to introduce the first ever episode of the IAYB podcast! I have long dreamt of expanding the blog into a podcast, and this has finally become a reality. Here it is, please listen:

In this inaugural episode, I talk about money, debt and yoga/healing cultures with two guests, Renee Sills and Nina Zolotov. I’ve connected with these women through the online yoga community and am thrilled to engage them in my exploration of money and debt through a yoga-informed lens.

Renee Sills is a socially-engaged artist and astrologer in Portland, Oregon who facilitates conversations about sex, death, and money in communities around North America. She has a background in yoga, dance, and movement practices, and she is involved with activist and healing communities.

Nina Zolotov is the Editor in Chief of the Yoga for Healthy Aging blog and a yoga writer, as well as a certified yoga teacher and a long-time yoga practitioner. Nina is the co-author with Baxter Bell of the recently released book, Yoga for Healthy Aging: A Guide to Lifelong Well-Being. She lives in Berkeley, California.

I invited Renee to be a guest on this debut episode because I follow her work around facilitating conversations about sex, death and money as part of her artistic practice. I knew she would have interesting insights into what happens when we start talking about money and how we can heal our relationship with it.

Nina caught my attention when she contributed several sharp, incisive comments on the IAYB Facebook page. I invited her for a conversation because I wanted to hear more about her experience with money and personal finances and her observations about yoga culture.

The common thread that emerged through both conversations was shame. We keep our relationship with money in the shadows, rarely discussing it with our closest friends – or even ourselves, choosing instead to live in denial. Talking about it in an honest and open way is the first step towards healing our relationship with money.

This podcast episode is a continuation of a conversation that started on the blog around my own debt, much of which accumulated through yoga workshops and trainings, and my attempt to pay it off.

Produced by Fina Charleson
Featured image by Andrea Sonda via Unsplash

money & debt: tackling taboos through a yoga lens

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money & debt: tackling taboos through a yoga lens

Yoga culture has a complicated relationship with money. Get ready for a yoga-informed framework for talking about money & debt. Because it's all money, baby.



  1. One of my top experiences of 2017 was to start using YNAB to manage my money. I highly recommend it! It has changed personal finance for me from a painful experience that caused self-doubt and anxiety to something that is helping me reach financial goals while being FUN. I actually enjoy budgeting! #GAMECHANGER

    • hi andrew – i just started using mint a few months ago and it’s also transformed how i manage my money. so far i’ve just been using it to track and monitor my spending, but one of my pre-new year’s projects was to actually set budgets and goals with it. i already find it empowering and fun! i think it’s going to make a big difference in how i relate to money and debt this year.

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