MISTY 2011: patti lentz & curiousity of yoga

In anticipation of the first Montreal International Symposium on Therapeutic Yoga (MISTY 2011) on October 29 & 30, I’ll be presenting a series of conversations with symposium faculty. I had a Skype conversation with Patti Lentz, a New Mexico-based yoga teacher, physical therapist and YTT trainer to hear about the questions and inquisitiveness that keeps her going.

Patti Lentz doesn’t have much of a web presence, so it was difficult to research her. I gathered, from her MISTY faculty description, along with a couple of other bios found on Albequerqui yoga studio websites, that she was a therapeutic yoga teacher with a background in physical therapy and a deep knowledge of human anatomy. However, in our conversation, I was delighted to discover a woman who calls herself “a questionner,” and who has an insatiable curiousity about everything. We talked about how she integrates yoga into her “toolbox of therapies,” how the body holds trauma, and her hopes for the future of therapeutic yoga.

Catch Patti at MISTY 2011 on Saturday, Oct 29, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm for Yoga for Spinal Issues and on Sunday, Oct 30 at 10:30 am – 12:30 pm for Trauma Inspired Yoga.

  1. Very interesting interview. Love how she is coming from a place of prevention, of releasing what is held in the tissues so it does not get stuck there…

    On 11:30 when it gets to what is the future of Yoga Therapy… nice to hear her speak. We really are shaping as we go.

    I think Western Medicine as a model WOULD scare the bejees out of me, however, Traditional Chinese Medicine may not, because it yearns for balance and works on prevention BEFORE (the bad winds) disease enters the body, considers the seasons, the elements, and is just… oh so fascinating…

    Nice. Thank you!

  2. Super job again, Roseanne! I loved this woman at first talk over phone , and can’t wait to pick her up today!
    3 days to MISTY take off!

  3. I am impressed. Great insight into Yoga Therapy. Thanks for posting this.

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