michael stone on the occupy movement: the end of an exhale (video)

Michael Stone has become the unofficial spokesperson for a spiritually engaged Occupy Movement. Which is fine with me: he’s articulate, informed, passionate and funny.

In this video from a recent community lecture at Naada Yoga in Montreal, Michael reminds us that the teachings of the Buddha and yoga are meant to be put to work at the social level. As practitioners, we can use the change in our hearts to affect global change. Michael talks about predatory capitalism, imagination, creativity and anger. He concludes by stressing the importance of service as means to valuing interdependence and practicing “blue collar Buddhism” – simply rolling our sleeves and getting stuff done.

Best of all, the talk contains the most references to beer you’ll ever hear in a dharma talk. It’s about 45 minutes long, so make a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy. Then get up and go serve!

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{via Awake In The World – Michael Stone from Naada Yoga on Vimeo.}

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