may giveaway: passport to prana (free yoga in select cities!)

Take a trip back in time (to the 80s, actually) with this Lion Pose instructional video. It’s somehow surfaced and gone totally viral this week, in the way that YouTube videos do.

In addition to a little trip down surreal memory lane, I have a special treat for my beloved it’s all yoga, baby readers. I have 3 Passports to Prana to give away to 3 lucky readers! These magical passports will grant you one yoga class at participating yoga studios (up to 30 of them) in select Canadian cities. Please note: this contest is only open to residents of Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria.

And how do you enter? Simply answer the following question in the comments section: If you had a passport to anywhere, where would you go? That’s it! The contest closes on Friday, May 28, 2010, and I will select the 3 winners through a sophisticated and anonymous name-drawing process.

BTW, my own Passport to Prana Montreal adventure has been on a little hiatus, while I was focused on my home practice and studying for my teacher training exams. But the journey will resume next week (once I get my bike back from the shop, so I can get around town!).

  1. Love the lionesque hair…

  2. If I had a passport to anywhere, I would go travel South East Asia!

  3. Lol, loved the video (and the hair!)…I’ve just recently returned home to Toronto after spending several years in the UK (London). So, if I had a passport to anywhere, this time I would probably want to study yoga and take some time to explore beautiful India.

  4. psh. canadian bias. 🙂

  5. My first thought was India, my second was Australia, but then I thought about the people I love and miss and so I think my dream getaway would be to take a full summer to train it (if there even is such a train…) to Florida to visit my brother, to California to visit a dear friend, to BC to visit my lifelong twin friend, and then back home to Montreal, stopping at as many studios and retreat centers I could find. There! How’s that for modesty?

  6. If I had a passport to anywhere I would go to Costa Rica to live in a hill town called Monteverde for a year with my family. That would be awesome!!!

  7. Why if I had a passport to just about anywhere, I would use it to get into the heart of that cute boy I see now and again…

  8. That video made my night!
    I’ve done quite of bit of traveling for pleasure, so if i had a passport for anywhere, it would be for a dental volunteer mission (I’m a hygienist) to Cambodia!

  9. If I had a passport to anywhere, I would island hop my way all the way down the Carribbean, with an extra long stay in Cuba – because my passport to anywhere would be Canadian instead of American!

  10. India. Morocco.

  11. Man, why am I paying so much $$ for my teacher training, when I could have just gone on youtube and found this instructional video for free!? 😉

    I’m not from Canada, but I think the question is fun and I’m going to answer anyway. If I had a passport to anywhere, I would go to Japan, because I am on a Japan kick lately, and Anthony Bourdain seems to have such a good time there!

  12. I think that’s Sebastian Bach in drag. 18 and Life, anyone? 🙂

  13. Glad to be joining this community! What a fab blog!

    If I could travel anywhere…it would be (time travel) to August 28, 1963, the steps of the Lincoln Memorial during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, to hear Martin Luther King’s famous speech for an end to racial discrimination.

  14. A passport to anywhere?

    First, to Japan, finally to practice my nihongo and to become fluent (out of sheer necessity).

    Second, to India, to study at RIMYI, where the huge classes sound harrowing but a rite of passage of sorts in Iyengar yoga.

    Fingers crossed,

  15. india india india! first north and then making my way south toward the backwaters and beaches 🙂 thanks for blogging!

  16. congratulations to the winners of this contest: Mary Donnery, Ericka Baron and YogaSpy. woot!!

  17. Funny enough… a gal at my work bought these tapes when they first came out. They’re a hoot eh!!!?