may day mindfulness: sit down & strike

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It’s May Day, and the people are calling for a General Strike, a day without the 99%.

After a winter of dormancy, the Occupy movement has been slowly awakening over the past weeks, and today there are actions planned around North America.

Occupy Yoga NYC will have a presence in today’s General Strike, with a schedule of meditation working groups, flash mobs, yoga, kirtan and teach-ins starting at Bryant Park (BP) and leading to Union Square Park (USP). The full schedule includes:

8-11am Sitting Meditation (BP)
11-Noon Teach-In “How to keep your cool and Occupy… Understanding Aggression” with Donald Fleck

Noon-1 Yoga with Margarita (BP)
1-2pm Meditation Flash Mob followed by Kirtan (BP)
2-4pm Walking Meditation (BP) march including Tai Chi Walk led by Bob to Union Square Park alongside OWS

4-5pm Meditation Flash Mob followed by Kirtan (USP)
5:30pm Walking Meditation alongside OWS (USP) solidarity march to Wall Street

The Facebook event invites participants to “Be a peaceful presence on May Day. Raise awareness and be the change. Sit and walk mindfully. Send Loving Kindness to All beings. Stand or sit with us for change!”

So you’re not in NYC? You can still participate! The May Day NYC website says, “We ask you to do one of two things to commemorate this day:

  • Don’t like what you do? Don’t do it. Take one day to do something you love instead.
  • Love what you do? Do it for free. Take it to the next level and bring it to the public.”

I feel blessed to be able to do what I love and work from home. But I’m going to log off the internet and spend my afternoon in savasana. See you on the other side…