matthew remski on embodying community: live in montreal

matthew remski on embodying community: live in montreal

Matthew Remski made a rare Montreal appearance this weekend, and generously agreed to do a community talk on the topic of… community! Specifically: What does it mean to build a yoga community that acts consciously for the common good? What are the structural obstacles to the formation of community? How can yoga practitioners embody community in their actions and relationships?

He explored these topics and much more for a collection of yoga practitioners who showed up on a snowy Saturday evening to listen, and to talk about building, uniting, and/or shaking up the Montreal yoga community.

Because it’s difficult to summarize what goes on in this kind of dynamic and essential conversation, I’m not even going to recap it. Instead here it is, in audio form, all 1.5 hours. Make some tea, put on some headphones, sit back, minimize your browser window and give all of your attention, fully embodied and undivided, to the ideas within. It’s that good.

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lululemon founder chip wilson blasted for "some women's bodies just don't work" comments

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