mark wahlberg hearts lululemon: a reddit confession

mark wahlberg hearts lululemon: a reddit confession

It’s official: Mark Wahlberg has ditched Calvin Klein underwear for Lululemon. When a fan on Reddit’s Ask Me Anything thread asked him if he wears boxers or briefs, the former Calvin Klein underwear model responded: “I wear Lulu Lemon [sic] boxer-brief-bike-short-type things.”

The timing is interesting, as last week Lululemon appeared to be trying to break into the men’s market and shed its image as a women’s brand. They were the official sponsor of the Wall Street Decathlon and plan to open men’s only stores by 2016.

When a brand is trying to expand into a new market, there’s nothing like a endorsement from a symbol of masculinity who likes to hang out in his underwear such as Mark Wahlberg. Has he become an unofficial “lulule-man” ambassador?

What do you think: Did Lululemon pay him to mention their brand in his AMA interview? Or was it a random, authentic mention?

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  1. Dang, now there’s a portion of my brain that contains info on brands of underwear that a celebrity wears – which could have contained something useful… 😉