make your own super cute yoga mat bag

Marimekko Yoga Mat Bag

The folks at the Craft blog discovered this adorable pattern for a yoga mat bag in 10 easy steps. Marimekko, a world-renowned Finnish textile and design company, designed the pattern to use up remnants of their fantastic mod fabrics. But you can use any upholstery or heavy weight fabrics that you have lying around your craft room!

All you need to get started is:

– ½ a yard of Marimekko Upholstery fabric (or any fabric!)
-1 yard of Aalto webbing (for the strap)
-yoga mat
-sewing machine

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  1. This is very clever. I will definitely tell my wife about this posting. She can make a lot of stuff herself but never thought about making the yoga mat for ourselves. She’s changed at least 4- 5 mats already in the last three years doing yoga. It won’t be cheaper to make them yourself but it’d be fun.