lunch beat montreal: ditch your yoga class & dance


Imagine all of these people dancing (image via Lunch Beat Mtl FB page)

Montrealers, ditch your noon hour yoga class and dance! While a little stretching and breathing on lunch break is always a good thing, sometimes you need to move your body in reckless and spontaneous ways.

Enter Lunch Beat. From the country that brought us Robyn, the latest Swedish craze is sweeping the world and finally lands in Montreal on Thursday, May 9 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm at Cinema Excentris. Montreal-based DJ Hissy Fit will be on the turntables, and each participant will receive a vegetarian lunch from Cafe Méliès and a bottle of RISE Kombucha (included in the $10 admission).

Lunch Beat started in June 2010 with 14 friends dancing in a garage, and locally-organized events have since popped up around the world. Their vision:

By promoting 1 hour of day time dancing we make it possible to fully embody the buzzwords of playfulness, participation & community. A physical knowledge that will make you create magic during the rest of your day too, and so will make Lunch Beat your week’s most important business lunch.

Daytime dancing and magic, FTW! Also, you have to love any dance event that has its own manifesto. Get your tickets for Lunch Beat Montreal here – and don’t worry, your noon hour yoga class will be waiting for you on Friday.

For an idea of what goes down at a typical Lunch Beat, this is how they do it in Hamburg, Germany:

This smaller, more intimate Lunch Beat at a university in Sweden breaks out into a congo line:

And warm yourself up with my other favourite Swedish export: