lululemon’s christine day named CEO of the year

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Hot on the heels of last week’s Who is John Galt? debacle, lululemon head Christine Day has been named CEO of the Year by the Globe & Mail’s Report on Business magazine. She also happens to be the first female CEO of the Year, but that’s a whole other story.

From the press release:

Let the one percent have their Porsches, their Rolexes, their Tiffany trinkets — Lululemon’s CEO Christine Day knows that what the masses truly covet is the world’s most luxurious sweatpants.  What makes Day Report on Business magazine’s first female CEO of the Year is her ability to create a remarkable bond between the brand and its ultra-loyal fans.  The Globe and Mail’s Timothy Taylor unpacks Day’s winning approach that has mesmerized analysts and the markets.  Next stop: global domination.

The whole fascinating story will be in the Friday, November 25 edition of the Report on Business.

Christine Day has been CEO of lululemon since 2008, after a 20 year career at Starbucks in which she oversaw the global expansion of the company. Under her leadership, lululemon saw a banner year in 2010, taking in more than $733 million in revenue and more than $125 million in income.

It’s interesting timing, as lululemon’s brand identity is coming into question and the “remarkable bond” between the company and its customers is at risk. columnist Todd Essig noted, “The company has shown a genuine disrespect towards customers by remaining irony-free and proudly defiant in their effort to promulgate an ideology many find repugnant, dangerous in its popularity, inconsistent with the company’s mission to date, and just plain dumb and wrong.”

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