lululemon gets naked, has fun with photoshop

If you were to land on the lululemon website today, you might think they’ve jumped on the naked yoga advertising bandwagon (which, seriously, is so 2010).  But their banner image series is a response to the hype surrounding Vancouver Canuck player Ryan Kesler’s upcoming nude photo spread in October’s ESPN Magazine. In an apparent gesture of solidarity, lululemon ambassador Jenn Thiel shed her luon and allowed herself to be photoshopped for an amusing but kind of incongruous spoof on the photo. Even stranger was the random insertion of Jenn’s form into all the other images on lululemon’s rotator: pulling a giant zipper, standing beside winter jackets.

At least she isn’t actually posing in an asana. And let’s hope lululemon doesn’t integrate this look into their next ad campaign…

via Vancity Buzz



  1. “And let’s hope lululemon doesn’t integrate this look into their next ad campaign…”

    That won’t happen… well, at least not if Lululemon has good business sense. They are in the business of selling clothes, not selling naked, remember? 🙂

    • that’s true! but naked can be used to sell anything – look at american apparel: they use naked to sell clothes all the time.

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