KFC launches totally racist “face yoga” ad campaign

Okay, whoa. I can’t believe that KFC South Africa thought this ad campaign for their MilkyBar Krusher drink was a good idea.

At the centre of the campaign is Shmarmy Kush, “a self-proclaimed Face Yoga guru.” As explained on BizCommunity.com:

Face Yoga is an invented technique, where one practices the art of pulling one’s face into different ‘poses’ in order to relax. “The campaign was inspired by the physical makeup of the new product, which is thick and chunky and so requires the use of all your facial muscles to slurp it up,” explains Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg creative director, Mike Martin.

In the same way, that yoga strengthens muscles and induces relaxation, so Face Yoga prepares you to drink the new drink, resulting in the ultimate chill.

And you know what’s totally chill? India, and all things related (ie, yoga). Check this:

Om-ing chills you out and prepares you for this icy sugar-loaded chunky drink from KFC.

At the moment, there are five Shmarmy webisodes, in which he guides viewers through a series of Face Yoga poses. The target demographic for this product and campaign are youth and students, obviously; and include the “Yes I can listen to you and tweet” and the “I’m LOL-ing but still don’t get the joke” pose.

  1. Racist? I think not.

    There are millions of poor, downtrodden faces all over the country without access to exercise, basic make-up or moisturiser, crying out with tears in their baby-blue eyes for something, anything, to free them from the shackles of expressionlessism.

    These videos serve only to inspire, invigorate and exercise the rights of those faces to be free, and full of milky, frothy, icy deliciousness.

    Perhaps you need to look inside yourself. Take a moment and reflect. See that, deep inside, you may just be a closet face-ist.