kausthub desikachar rebrands & relaunches

Kausthub Desikachar's jaunty new look (image via kausthub.com)

Kausthub Desikachar’s jaunty new look (image via kausthub.com)

The last we’d heard from Kausthub Desikachar (who had been silent since he had been accused of sexual, mental and emotional abuse by four Austrian teacher trainees in September 2012) was in January, when he sent a letter to his mailing list asking to “not be judged” for his actions. In that letter, he had alluded to “future actions in offering teachings”

Two months later, he’s rebranded himself and launched a new website (kausthub.com) where he’s podcasting, blogging, promoting online study groups and advertising individualized yoga therapy sessions. Later this year, he apparently plans on offering teacher training and professional development courses.

As is the norm with fallen yoga gurus, Desikachar spent less than six months in “deep reflection” and “self-enquiry” before he felt ready to get back in the teacher’s seat. His bio makes no reference to the allegations or legal process.

  1. Apparently, “deep reflection” and “self-enquiry” is a code word for working out market re-branding.

    “New and improved self-absorbed abusiveness!” Oy….

  2. Shame on him; even more so on anyone silly enough to sign up for his seminars.

  3. As of this morning, his website is now guarded with a password. How does one acquire a password I wonder.
    Its amazing to all of us that Kausthub has claimed to have “healed” from the state he was in, where he caused deep emotional & psychological damage to many more than those 4 women in Austria. However, what is more incredible is that, whether he has healed or not, he had not sent out a letter of deep apology to all his students. Instead, a letter to not judge him…..not to forgive, just not judge. Interesting.
    An apology would have been appreciated by many, including those who may have not been victims of his abuse directly, but have since made a life altering re-direction because of their loss of faith in the KHYF. Im speaking from personal perspective.

    Im surprised he didn’t issue this letter of apology as well because it would not only help his case of overcoming his own damage, but it would show some integrity and heart in the field. Although….I suppose he felt it was pointless because perhaps he’s lost us all, so now he’s re-directing his services to a fresh new lot of seekers.

    What is it that we can really learn from this. Instead of critisizing or getting upset, resentful, or saddened over this? Perhaps that we need to learn to find honesty and trust in ourselves and find teachers who genuinely lead a clear and humble path…. comments welcome.

    Much peace.

  4. This is not a popular position, but if yoga is ever to be taken seriously as a profession, there probably does need to be some sort of regulatory body that all teachers have to answer to. The yamas—despite the fact that they are overlooked in favor of asana—are the foundation of yoga. I have a really hard time with the fact that yoga, with its roots in ahimsa, is one of the few professions that doesn’t hold its teachers accountable for unethical and harmful behavior. It would be in the best interests of students and teachers if we were all held to ethical guidelines. I’d be up for helping to make this happen.

  5. I am sure that his personal site. his yoga site Sannidhi of Krishnamacharya Yoga (SKY) is “founded by TKV Desikachar and Menaka Desikachar”, which anyone who knows anything about this knows that is not true, because Desikachar has dementia and mother Menaka is telling people to study with her son. from an email I received: “It will be the medium through which the whole range of the teachings of T Krishnamacharya will be extended into the current century in a traditional manner, yet relevant to the modern era.”

  6. I am very sure that lots of people will be very intrigued with what he has to offer: traditional and modern worlds blended together in a new and peculiar way. We will all learn a lot from this experience in the yoga world, Maybe we should ALL step down from the clouds and start living in the real world?

  7. Unless you were there, you really don’t know what happened…..I’m just saying….

    • fair enough, we don’t know what happened. and that’s actually the problem here.

      we do know that four women in austria went to the police and said this man sexually, emotionally and physically abused them. but we don’t know what’s happened since. there is a cloak of silence around this course of events. has there been a trial? were charges laid against desikachar? what is happening?

      and now this man is teaching yoga again. likely, to more women. the fact that this is allowed and permissable in the yoga world is highly problematic.

      we do not need more enablers and apologists for desikachar.

  8. Why does this garbage keep happening all the time in yoga? Is it because they know they can get away with it and figure no one cares? A doctor fucks up royally and he loses his licence. A lawyer screws up and they are debarred (is that the right word?)
    I agree with Charlotte. On one hand yoga professionals want to be taken seriously and then cry foul when they are not, but part of being taken seriously means being accountable and that means having to face the music if you did something wrong. Groups like the Yoga Alliance are useless when it comes to these sorts of matters and unfortunately, some yoga practitioners and students are no better when they enable this sort of behavior and stay quiet or pretend nothing happened when what they really need to do is speak up in order to break the silence around this sort of abusive behavior.

    • The reason this keeps happening is because the yoga community does not want to take a look at the “dark side” of reality. Time after time I have seen ‘yogis’ hurt and deny each other in the name of positivity. I myself have been emotionally and psychologically abused by a yogi and when I spoke up, no one wanted to hear about it.

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