it’s all yoga, baby grows up (just a bit!)


Hey, whoa, what’s going on here?!? it’s all yoga, baby has a new look! Yep, it’s about time I updated this site with a look and feel that reflects the voice of my writing. And what better than hot pink, a starburst and wool! Yippee!

Obviously, I am unbearably excited about this change. I’ve made a few other changes, too.  I’ve revised the purpose and intention of the blog: a space to put forward an expansive view of what yoga is and can be. This is the world seen through a yoga-informed lens.

A friend described the new look as “cozy and festive, like the perfect dinner party.” Which wonderfully articulates my new mission: to spark conversation and inquiry into yoga practice.

I feel like like I’m finally stepping into the full meaning of “it’s all yoga, baby.” As I state in my new bio, I’m less interested in the commercialization issue and more interested in how yoga intersects with daily life, activism, politics and culture. I want to feature yoga and more-than-yoga ~ the yoga that is hidden in our communities, organizations, gardens, bookshelves. As a lover of local stuff and DIY culture, I want to highlight more Canadian teachers and projects. My home and native land has little presence in the yoga blogosphere, and no national yoga publication, on or off line, so I’m happy to give some Canuck talent a little exposure here.

This website is also going to act as my professional space on the web, and I’ve added a Work With Me page outlining my consulting, writing, editing and teaching services. And finally, the blog itself is going to chip in on rent and living expenses (something I often wish my cats could do) – I am open to advertisers, partnerships and ethical sponsorships. I’m drawing up guidelines and a detailed media kit. More about this soon! Woot!

Huge shout-outs to Anile at Girlfriday for capturing the essence of IAYB and to Ensemble Web for handling the tech stuff!


  1. I love how the name still totally fits, too. Let’s hear it for Canuck talent!

  2. Congratulations! I love your blog. Great new look!

  3. As you know, I’m a big fan of Canadian yoga. Looking forward to reading (and seeing you in Toronto)!

  4. thanks peeps! xo

  5. I love it. I love your content and especially your new focus. What better way to share what yoga can be with people than to create a space for conversation to flow? Thanks for all you do!

  6. Best on the relaunch…

  7. Great looking site! As a Canadian now living in the US, I’m excited to keep up with yoga happenings in my home and native land! I love the idea of a yoga-lens through which we see the world. Thanks for sharing the love!

  8. thanks rebecca, dawg and lisa! yahoo!