integrity of practice & experience: an interview with charlotte bell

Charlotte Bell poses for Hugger Mugger (image via Facebook)

Charlotte Bell poses for Hugger Mugger (image via Facebook)

Charlotte Bell is a voice of reason, wisdom and integrity in the online yoga scene. The Salt Lake City-based yoga teacher, writer and musician has never been afraid to share her thoughts and opinions on contemporary yoga culture – and with 30 years of practice and teaching behind her, Charlotte offers valuable perspective.

After years of reading her comments and blog posts, it was my pleasure to interview Charlotte for IAYB. In this audio conversation, we talked about the changing face of yoga and “fast and furious” forms of practice and consuming information. Given how Charlotte and I met in the yoga blogosphere, we also discussed how bloggers have become “the thoughtful, outspoken keepers of the truth.” Amen.

Check out Charlotte’s books with Rodmell Press, Yoga for Meditators and Mindful Yoga, Mindful Life; her writing on the Hugger Mugger blog; and her personal website.

  1. great interview loved the book one of my favorites

  2. Charlotte is very insightful and helpful in keeping your practice and teaching authentic. Her own experience teaches us how to evolve on our own terms. Her books are my favorite, I keep going back to them. In this short interview, we hear her speak about her views on practice, teaching and the current happenings in the yoga world.