“i don’t court controversy”: IAYB talks yoga blogging (interview)


First of all, here is a seal “doing yoga” on a rock off the coast of Estonia. Of course, we can’t be certain if it’s actually “doing yoga” (as the Daily Mail reports), but it’s definitely stretching, definitely blissed out and definitely adorable. For more seal yoga cuteness, check out the full article here.

While you’re admiring the cutest yogi seal in the world, listen to this exclusive interview with yours truly! Joni, the Accidental Yogist, invited a handful of bloggers onto her weekly radio show, Yoga Chat, to talk about “Transforming Yoga One Blog at a Time.” Maria Santoferraro from Daily Downward Dog, Jay Winston from Yoga for Cynics (and elephant journal) and I candidly discussed our yoga blogging adventures. Check it out!

  1. Really enjoyed this. Thanks for posting. I particularly enjoyed hearing Jay, whom I’ve known for years online and whose novel I had the pleasure of reading recently, but whose voice I had never heard.