how to start a yoga service revolution

Not all revolutions start in the streets. A revolution of the heart and mind may have more subtle origins. And sometimes you can start this revolution quietly, in your own community.

Offering yoga to underserved populations is one of the most radical things a concerned yogi can do. But how do you bring the practice of yoga to people who may not have access to it? What do you need to shine in the name of service? Here are three resources to help you start a revolution of the heart – before you jump out of the studio and into the streets.

Get Connected: Yoga Service Council Membership

The YSC has just opened membership opportunities to interested individuals and organizations. Membership will help the budding council increase connection between people in the field of yoga service, broaden its reach, and strengthen its capacity to provide leadership opportunities.

For an annual fee of $60, members receive access to a forthcoming journal, discounts for upcoming Yoga Service Conferences and the eligibility to submit for conference faculty positions.

Get Informed: Yoga Activist Website

Washington DC-based Yoga Activist is an online hub that supports connectivity across the yoga outreach community. Their website is chock full of information to help teachers prepare to offer high-quality yoga service work to their communities, track their effectiveness and connect with service providers.

Check out Yoga Activist’s trainings, resources and directories.

Get Researched: Kelly McGonigal’s DIY Research Resources

If you’re approaching organizations or have a strong interest in creating a yoga service program, you may need hard data that back up your claims about yoga’s benefits. For her presentation at the Yoga Service Conference, Kelly McGonigal compiled everything you need to know to find, do and communicate research. This research can then used to evaluate and improve programs, secure funding, and present findings to others.

Be sure to look through her slideshow from the conference and her many links to relevant resources.

  1. Great post! We too got inspired at YSC and loved Kelly McGonigal presentation. Check out our recent blogpost on the benefits of research on yoga-based programs in the classrooms:

  2. Amazing and very inspiring blog Roseanne!