how to do yoga with your cats (video)


If you have a cat, you’ve probably already figured out how to do yoga with it. Step 1: unroll yoga mat; step 2: do yoga; step 3: it’s up to you, but usually involves repeated attempts to push away cat or just forgetting your practice and cuddling.

YouTube kitty sensations Kodi (patchy white and black) and Shorty (black longhair) show us how it’s done. There is nothing to not love about this!

[via and IAYB friend, Lindsay Smith]

  1. Cats + Yoga = Win.

    The cats around here are always too busy showing off how more flexible they are to deign to do yoga with a lowly ape thing – who should be really giving them treats and petting instead of yoga in their less than humble opinions. 😉

  2. Oh my god, hahaha, i could try it with my dog… a little bit more heavy but i could try…

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