how to be a youtube yoga sensation (according to tara stiles)

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The Wall Street Journal’s “yoga columnist” Katie Rosman posted a fun little interview with Tara Stiles about her YouTube success – while doing yoga together, no less!

In this intimate and revealing conversation, we learn the secrets behind Stiles’ YouTube business, which has resulted in 400+ videos, 14,000,000+ views and 76,700+ subscribers (and probably a whole lotta money, but they didn’t talk about that). In short, Stiles’ astounding success can be boiled down to an easy three-step process:

1. Be a Ford Model.
2. Make some goofy videos of yourself.
3. Post them on YouTube!

There’s no need to talk about teacher training credentials, yoga practice, business consultants or any of that nasty realistic stuff. Just be yourself and show people what’s in your fridge, and YouTube success can be yours.

  1. Someone needs to do a parody of this video ASAP!!!!

    • Someone with a lot of talent has needed to do a parody of her first book S_ _m, C_ _m, S_ _y Yoga for the longest time, as well …

  2. I took her first book out of the library. It’s for my research. I would not pay for that book because of its title, know what I mean?

  3. Well, that was…interesting?

  4. Here is another yoga teacher (and performance artist; and young and attractive) with some youtube videos of her own … now, she just wrote an article that speaks to the rest of us …

    “We get messages every day that our bodies are a) not good enough and b) not truly our own. Speaking up against injustice is often discouraged, even in the yoga community, where non-violence too frequently gets translated as ‘shut up and keep the peace.’

    “Shut up and breathe.

    “When we struggle to keep our unruly mouths shut, perhaps we turn to the one thing we do have control over: what we put in them.”

    You see, the thing I am actually researching are the triggers … and how I can systematically nullify them …

    The yoga practice I authored is all about changing … but from the inside out … and ‘from the inside out’ will not sell well in this era…

  5. From Yelp NYC, a message board post:

    “I enjoyed taking the yoga classes at chelsea piers but now that it’s winter and too far i’m looking for something more local (below 14th st anywhere downtown).

    “I’ve done yoga for the people but it’s not consistently good. I just signed up for a 2 wk deal at strala but after the second class, i know the studio’s not for me. i’ve followed Tara on youtube and i think she’s great but for what i’m specifically looking for as a mindful person, I want more spiritual guidance in the classes and so far Strala is too commercial for me. I realized this mid-class when i heard rihanna and pitbull songs. yeah….i can’t find my center listening to that (or during the other modern songs that were played throughout class).”

    What am I doing playing hooky from my research?

  6. Is Tara really still affiliated with cheat Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong charity?

    • Well, that charity now has a BIG blemish on it … but it still provides its service … that’s a PR problem which is not be reflective of its function ..